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Functions for DutchTools module

Software Development

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Old 26-07-2011
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 72
Functions for DutchTools module

Lately I have been occupied again with "Modules" and "(sub) Classes" for the majority of people to utilize, they will be unhindered and open root if not made without anyone else's input! I'm making a Module called "DutchTools" it has a few capacities that can accommodate greenhorn's and progressed users further bolstering increase a good fortune in customizing with RB. For now I'll inquire programmers, depending on if you are able to impart then please offer to help others! The "DutchTools" module could at the end of the day be truly helpful and get some classes with late works for others to utilize. For now i have found a few capacities presented by some users.

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Old 26-07-2011
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 511
Re: Functions for DutchTools module

Below code I use whenever I need to match up to the output of the MD5 of RB () with stored in hexadecimal MD5 which is the most common representation, but I remember it is not my original work:

Function StringToHex(src as string, separator as string) As string
  dim n, L, v as integer
  dim s as string
  L = LenB(src)
  for n=1 to L
    v = AscB(MidB(src, n, 1))
    s = s + RightB("00"+Hex(v),2)+separator
  return LeftB(s, LenB(s)-LenB(separator))
End Function
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Old 26-07-2011
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 543
Re: Functions for DutchTools module

Just add the new function; it will help to you to place a window on the Bottom-Right of the users screen. Or center screen (NEW)

Usage: (if you have a window called "Window1" then use this )

WindowToBottomRight( Window1 )
WindowToCenter( Window1 )
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Old 26-07-2011
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 529
Re: Functions for DutchTools module

According to me I suggest you to add the below code. This function is in Visual Foxpro

  '---  Syntax:  if Occurs(cSearchFor As String,cSearchWithin As String) > 0 then

  dim x as Integer = 0
  dim nStart As Integer = 1
  dim nFound as Integer = 0
  while nStart < len(cSearchWithin)
    x = instr(nStart,cSearchWithin, cSearchFor)
    if x > 0 then
      nFound = nFound + 1
      nStart = x + 1
  Return nFound
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Old 26-07-2011
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 569
Re: Functions for DutchTools module

I edited an example of the usual "MessageDialog" which will be very useful and can help you add a individual touch to their message boards, for example, you can give a title, set icon, the details, the message and so on. You can not do this with a MsgBox.
// This function defines a custom Message dialog template which you
// can use through your whole program. Make sure you define this function
// as global.
// Use :
// strResult = ShowMSG (Dialog_Title As String, Caption_Action As String, Caption_Alternative_Action As String, Caption_Cancel As String,
//    Message As String, Explanation As String)
// Resulting value : string value (pressed button caption is returned)

// Define Custom MessageDialog

Dim msgDialog As MessageDialog // Declere your basic MessageDialog
Dim btnAction As MessageDialogButton // This is the dialog button
Dim strResult As String
msgDialog = New MessageDialog // Instantiate your own MessageDialog

// Here we start to define your MessageDialog objects

msgDialog.Title = strTitle // Title of the MessageDialog
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Old 26-07-2011
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 539
Re: Functions for DutchTools module

I edited a method that saves a lot of writing when using the Messagebox through its program. It is best to put this method into a module and give a global reach.

This is the Method definition :

Method name :

Parameters :
strTitle As String, strAction As String, strAltAction As String, strCancel As String, strMSG As String, strExplain As String, intIcon As Integer
Select Case intIcon
Case MessageDialog.GraphicNote, MessageDialog.GraphicCaution, MessageDialog.GraphicStop, MessageDialog.GraphicQuestion
msgDialog.Icon = intIcon // Note icon onto the MessageDialog
Case Else
msgDialog.Icon = MessageDialog.GraphicNone
End select

// Which buttons to display ?
If Len(Trim(strAction)) > 0 Then
msgDialog.ActionButton.Caption = strAction
msgDialog.ActionButton.Visible = False
End If
If Len(Trim(strAltAction)) > 0 Then
msgDialog.AlternateActionButton.Caption = strAltAction
msgDialog.AlternateActionButton.Visible = True
msgDialog.AlternateActionButton.Visible = False
End If
If Len(Trim(strCancel)) > 0 Then
msgDialog.CancelButton.Caption = strCancel
msgDialog.CancelButton.Visible = True
msgDialog.CancelButton.Visible = False
End If
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Old 27-07-2011
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 637
Re: Functions for DutchTools module

Here below using syntax we will call a method from the "app" class. Put the following code into the "Open" event of the "app" class:

Dim strValue As String
Dim strTitle As String = "Mickey his weather forecast"
Dim strAction As String = "Good"
Dim strAlternativeAction As String = "Not good"
Dim strCancel As String = "Cancel"
Dim strMessage As String = "How is the weather at your place?"
Dim strExplanation As String = "This dialog ask you about your local weather,"
 + EndOfLine +_
"please be honest about it" + EndOfLine +_
"Thank you!"
Dim intIcon As Integer = MessageDialog.GraphicQuestion

strValue = ShowMSG (strTitle, strAction, strAlternativeAction, 
strCancel, strMessage, strExplanation, intIcon)

// Showing result
MsgBox strValue
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