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Thread: help to know php counter script.

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    help to know php counter script.

    I tried to install a counter script that shows the number of page on my website. The website is in php and I am using mysql as database to store items that may occur on the site. I've tried several different counters that have been used to "include" command that includes the script on the page, in my case content.php. Tell me about the counter in PHP.

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    Re: help to know php counter script.

    I would let you know if you are not actual programmer You can have DRBCounter hit counter that is a simple PHP script that does not require a database. It allows you to put a visitor counter text based on almost any page of your website. You can modify the colors and fonts using the CSS standard. The data is stored in flat files, so no database is essential. You just have to copy it from php official website. Use include function to work.

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    Re: help to know php counter script.

    PHPCounter is a Web script, real-time that can track an unlimited number of pages with a hyphen. Features: View all results, see the list of monitored sites rated by popularity, get statistics on visitors' browsers, operating systems, countries, relating to, the winning days, hours of fondle. Find out which search strings refer guests. Text and graphic production and invisible tracking. You can begin including at any digit and can routinely rotate logs. wires CLF and NCSA record formats.

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    Re: help to know php counter script.

    Well, if I understand the right description, only has the page-based storage is exaggerated. Or you need to find a script that supports count on the basis of a user-defined variable passes, or modify one to suit your needs. So instead of having a ticket to content.php in its database, individual entries would article.1, article.2, etc. Must be a relatively trivial modification to the counter. Start with the database that stores the counter data, and go from there. Also, if your forum gets a lot of traffic and is using the string 'article.1' as your key, which must be properly indexed or run the risk of performance hits every time you do that query.

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    Re: help to know php counter script.

    Couter scritp look like this shown below.
    $myfilename = "aaa.txt";
    $counter= file($yourfilename);
    $file11 = fopen ($yourfilename, "w") or die ("could not find $yourfilename");
    fputs($file11, "$counter[0]");
    echo $counter[0];

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