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Thread: Report on multiple projects with same tasks

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    Report on multiple projects with same tasks

    I need to create a report or dashboard that will show stages of projects.

    What I mean by that is we have several projects and each project has the same structure, phases and milestones.
    So, I have many projects with same tasks.

    I'm looking to see if i can get a report on which milestones/phases have been reached on all these project of a certain type.

    Something like:

    Project 1: Phase 1 complete Phase 2 complete Phase 3 complete

    Project 2: Phase 1 complete Phase 2 in progress Phase 3 not started

    Is Project Server required in order to achieve this? Or can it be done just with MsProject Professional ? And how can I achieve this?
    We're currently just running a Proof of Concept with project server and don't want to get too heavily invested.

    If anyone has any idea on how this could be done I' d appreciate the help.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Report on multiple projects with same tasks

    It has been a quiet long time I had worked on Microsoft Project. But there is something thing which can help you. I had did this before on a similar report when I trying generate. For that I created a blank project and then inserted all the project one by one in that. When done I can see all my project. And from view > resource manager you can also get information on the resources you are using.

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    Re: Report on multiple projects with same tasks

    I have just come across a product that has dashboards and reporting that highlights milestones. You can create a template project with the summary and milestone containers showing the stages. You can then copy the tasks from each project into those stages, either all in one project plan or multiple plans with the same stages (summary tasks and milestones).

    The MS Project Reporting product - can report and track the project or the individual projects (reporting status, resources, issues, changes, etc across all those projects). You can contain all the projects in a portfolio and report by the portfolio and add multiple portfolios to cantain other projects.

    Good luck.

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