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Session problem with Internet Explorer 6 or 7

Software Development

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Old 04-01-2011
Join Date: Dec 2009
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Session problem with Internet Explorer 6 or 7

I am facing a problem on setting up some cookies with asp on IE6 and IE7

I need to set following cookies when user logs in to his account.

Response.Cookies("crmadmin_login_id") = session("login_id")
Response.Cookies("crmadmin_cuser_id") = rsbrokercrm("cuser_id")
crmuserlevel = cint(rsbrokercrm("cuser_level"))
Response.Cookies("crmadmin_level") = crmuserlevel

Response.Cookies("cid") = rsbrokercrm("c_id")
Response.Cookies("company_name") = rsbrokercrm("Company_Name")

When I comment above lines the session("login_id") works properly however when i run the above code in IE6/7 (on the page where I am authenticating our user's credentials) it kills session("login_id") which is required for accessing the account. This happens when the page is redirected from authentication page to the account page. I tried another option i.e. removed above code block from authentication page and put it on account page. then the account page worked, but again when I click any other page which requires session("login_id"), it again kills the session.

Please help

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Old 06-01-2011
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Re: Session problem with Internet Explorer 6 or 7

I think that you have assigned a class and a variable in it. It might not be the problem at all. Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 handle sessions differently and so does FF.

Try outputting the session (if that's php) like

And then check what's going on.
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