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Thread: How to link html form to outlook

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    How to link html form to outlook

    I have design a html form with various field and buttons i.e.. send button. Now I want to link this button to a Microsoft outlook so that when anyone fill this form and click on send button than all the data will be transferred to Microsoft outlook as a new mail. I donít know the code of this Ďsend button í, it will be great help if you provide me that code. Please tell me how to link this page to outlook.

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    Re: How to link html form to outlook

    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
    <!-- Enable Stealth Mode
    // Variable Definitions
    var nameSpace = null;
    var mailFolder = null;
    var mailItem = null;
    var tempDoc = null;
    var outlookApp = null;
    function OpenOutlookDoc(whatform)
    outlookApp = new ActiveXObject("Outlook.Application");
    nameSpace = outlookApp.getNameSpace("MAPI");
    mailFolder = nameSpace.getDefaultFolder(6);
    mailItem = mailFolder.Items.add(whatform);
    // act on any error that you get
    // Disable Stealth Mode -->
    To use form buttons:<br>
    <input type=button value="Form A" NAME="OutlookOpen1" OnClick="OpenOutlookDoc('IPM.Note.FormA')"><br><br>
    <input type=button value="Form B" NAME="OutlookOpen2" OnClick="OpenOutlookDoc('IPM.Note.FormB')"><br><br>
    To use text links:<br>
    <a href=javascript:void(0) onClick="OpenOutlookDoc('IPM.Note.FormA')">Form A</a><br><br>
    <a href=javascript:void(0) onClick="OpenOutlookDoc('IPM.Note.FormB')">Form B</a>
    <!-- change the information between the single quotes to match your custom forms class Name like IPM.Note.CustomForm - you can have different links to different forms, provided you specify a different class Name for each link //-->

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    Re: How to link html form to outlook

    you might need to insert link tags in your HTML email body, in order to properly display a clickable link within your email.
    To insert a hyperlink while editing a HTML email message, go to the "Insert" menu and select "Hyperlink...": a new window will popup, asking you to specify the properties of your new link. Please note that not every link is a HTML link: you can use the same function to insert clickable email addresses, FTP addresses or other link types into your new Outlook HTML email. Once you click on the "OK" button, the new HTTP link will be displayed within your Outlook HTML email message.
    To fully customize your HTML email message, you can set Outlook to use Microsoft Word to edit email messages, thus getting access to further HTML editing options, such as HTML tables, paragraphs or any other HTML tags.

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    Re: How to link html form to outlook

    You have to follow some steps to save an email from html page to outlook. Follow the steps:
    1. Make sure youíve got Word selected as your e-mail editor; Tools-> Options-> tab Mail Format
    2. Create a new message and make sure the Web Tools Toolbar is visible; View-> Toolbars-> Web Tools
    3. Press the Microsoft Script Editor button. A new windows will pop-up displaying the HTML. Word uses a stylesheet so donít be frightened by the immense amount of code in the header. Just scroll to the body part and edit the HTML
    4. When done close the script editor and choose to save it when prompted; a Save As dialog will pop-up
    5. Cancel this dialog
    6. Close the Script Editor and note that you donít get prompted to save this time (unless you started editing again). Youíll find the HTML editing applied to your message

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    Re: How to link html form to outlook

    To send a email message in outlook using html page follow these steps:
    1. Click the message whose source code you want to view.
    2. Press CTRL+F2. This opens Notepad with the HTML portion of the message displayed. The header information is not displayed.
    Note that the file that appears in Notepad is a temporary file; it does not save any changes to the message in Outlook Express. To see the entire message source code (including the headers), follow these steps:
    1. Click the message whose source code you want to view, and then click Properties on the File menu.
    2. On the Details tab, click Message Source.
    You can resize or maximize the window to see more of the information. The content you see is the exact information sent by the originator and is viewable only in the code page in which it was created.

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    Re: How to link html form to outlook

    these are the some code which you have to use for linking to outlook:
    <font size="4"><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Features:</span></font><br>
    <li>Shipping modules</li>
    <li>Gateway modules</li>
    <li>More</li></ul><span style="background-color: rgb(0, 129, 215);"></span><br>
    <hr style="width: 100%; height: 2px;" color="#0081ff">
    <table style="width: 385px; height: 73px;" border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">
    <td style="font-weight: bold; font-family: courier;">&nbsp;Files:</td>
    <td>&nbsp;<font style="font-family: courier;" size="3"><span style="font-weight: bold;">Size</span></font><span style="font-family: courier;"></span></td>
    <td>&nbsp;<font style="font-family: courier;" size="3"><span style="font-weight: bold;">Name</span></font></td></tr>
    <td>Products <br></td></tr>
    <td>/icons <br></td>
    <td>2MB <br></td>
    <td>Members <br></td></tr></tbody></table><br>

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    Re: How to link html form to outlook

    hi all ,

    if in same case some one needs following to be done -

    As user click on send button , some data will be fetched from a text file in which various e-mail id are mentioned to whom email is to be send and at same time e-mail will be done through this html form only . Here outlook will act a an interface only...

    Please help me in this !! im in urgent need of this...

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