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Thread: My Folder lock 5.8.0' software does’nt work

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    My Folder lock 5.8.0' software does’nt work

    I have installed trial version of ‘folder lock 5.8.0’. it work perfectly, but after 2 days the software lock my USB(external hard drive) (SEGATE) important document in it. after a day it stopped working. anytime i try to unlock ,it accept the password,but does not open and the error displays on microsoft windows. windows never notify me on the solution. Please help me, if anyone know how to unlock it please tell me.

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    Re: My Folder lock 5.8.0' software does’nt work

    There is already locker folder inside the application path. Move any other folder than the ‘locker’ folder to another location and then try again to access your files or try to navigate to the program files->folde Lock directory. If this does’nt work for you then you should download a latest version of the software. May be you have entered a wrong password and that’s why this is happening, download a password recovery software from internet and run it. Hope it will work for you.

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    Re: My Folder lock 5.8.0' software does’nt work

    I think you have forgot the password of your folder lock software. If you have forgotten the password then you need a password cracker to crack the password. There are many password cracker software available in the market or you can also download it from the rapidshare or torrent. Both the site rapidshare and torrent provide you a software free of charge. If you unable to download than search on internet for better solution.

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    Re: My Folder lock 5.8.0' software does’nt work

    You have forgotten a password dear, this things not happen in folder lock 5.8.0 software. You just need to download a password cracker from rapidshare and follow the steps:
    1)Extract the zip archive.
    2)Run the file Folder Lock Password Cracker- Final.exe.
    3) Follow on screen instructions properly.
    4)your password will be reset to 123 regardless of previous password.
    If you still not able to access your data then format your system and then recover your data from system recovery software.

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    Re: My Folder lock 5.8.0' software does’nt work

    There are many ways from which you can recover your data. There are many software available for recovering your lost data, lock data, hidden data, you should search on internet. You can get your data back by downloading password cracker, install the software and use it, you will get your password and now you can access all your data. If this does’nt work, then there are also some other ways you can get your data for example: you can format your system and then recover it by recovery software.

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