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Thread: What is Procedure Oriented Programming Language?

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    What is Procedure Oriented Programming Language?

    Hey guys, I have heard lot about Procedure Oriented programming but I am not aware what it is all about. I am aware of object oriented programming language. Can anyone let me know what the difference between Procedure Oriented Programming Language and object oriented programming language? Is it similar in anyways? If anyone having any knowledge or information about this query then please let me know as soon as possible.

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    Re: What is Procedure Oriented Programming Language?

    Well, Languages like C, Fortran, CCOBOL are the examples of the procedural Language. A Program in a Procedure Language is a list of the instructions. If a program is large it is divided in two small units called as function or procedure. Each function performs a specific task and input of one function may be the output of other function. The collection of such function is known as module. Mostly, many of them get confused between function and module. This is the basic description of Procedure Oriented Programming Language.

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    Re: What is Procedure Oriented Programming Language?

    In procedural languages, the program statements are executed sequentially according to the programming logic. As programs get more complex, they become unmanageable. This is the disadvantage of Procedural languages. Example: C, FORTRAN, COBOL, Pascal, etc. Object Oriented. These languages divide the programs into objects. Every object has its own properties and actions. This approach has several advantages such as easy division of program into modules, reusability of existing code, clarity, etc.

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    Re: What is Procedure Oriented Programming Language?

    As program become larger and complex they become difficult to handle. The procedure language which uses function has two problems which are function which doesn’t provide any restriction to access to global data and the second one are the functions which provide poor model of real world. These problems are very difficult to get resolved in Procedure Oriented programming language. This advantage is the advantage of Object Oriented Programming language where in you will find it quite easily.

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    Re: What is Procedure Oriented Programming Language?

    Well, you might have been familiar with the disadvantages of Procedure Oriented Programming language. Now, I will make you familiar with the characteristics of Procedure Oriented Language which are follows:
    a) IT uses Top Down Programming approach in program design. The main task is divided into sub task and functions.
    b.) All function share the data through global variable.
    b) Data is less secure as it is available to all functions.
    c) Procedural Language gives more importance to instruction and less importance to data.

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