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Thread: CIL code in .NET platform

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    CIL code in .NET platform

    I just read and went through a threads created in your technical forum and was very glad to find a lot of thread related to programming and software development, I too had a doubt regarding the theoretical part of the . NET language , I am still not getting how does a . NET language supports supports a number of language under single platform , so does it convert the code of a particular language in a code and then execute it or something else, I would appreciate your valuable views and guidance on this question.

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    Re: CIL code in .NET platform

    You just said that you visited our forums and witnessed a lot of threads that were related with programming stuffs and software development, so you would have visited a thread that said something about the common language run time, that helps mostly to all the .Net language to have a common platform and work harmoniously , I too think that there it converts the code of the remove language into a native code mostly called as CIL code, but I am not exactly aware how it happens, but I am quite sure that it converts the source code into a CIL code.

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    Re: CIL code in .NET platform

    Common Intermediate Language had changed its name , because before to this it was called as Microsoft Intermediate Language or and in short as MSIL is the least -level programming language that is readable by a human describe by the Common Language Infrastructure requirement and .NET Framework and Mono make use of it . Languages which aim a CLI-compatible runtime environment compile to this bytecode , which is assembled into intermediate code CIL is an object-oriented assembly language, and is exclusively stack-based. The byte code is then is run on a a virtual machine. This Virtual machine too play a key role.

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    Re: CIL code in .NET platform

    CIL was initially called as Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) throughout the beta releases of the .NET languages. When C# language was standardized along with the standardization of the Common Language Infrastructure, the bytecode that was being produced with the help is now formally called as CIL.During compilation of .NET programming languages, the source code is translated into CIL code instead of platform or processor compliant object code. CIL is a CPU- and and does not actually rely on the any platform , collection of instructions that can be run on any platform that supports the Common Language Infrastructure, named as .NET runtime on the native platform such as Windows, or the cross-platform Mono runtime. In theory, this remove the requirement to give out separate binaries for diverse environments and CPU types. CIL code is confirmed for security during runtime, giving better security and dependability than natively compiled codes .

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    Re: CIL code in .NET platform

    You can follow the given execution process :
    • The code generated by the source is transformed to Common Intermediate Language, CIL's correspondent to Assembly language for a CPU.
    • CIL is then accumulated into bytecode and a .NET assembly is generated .
    • After .NET assembly is executed , its bytecode is passed through Common Language Runtime's JIT compiler to generate native code. (Ahead-of-time compilation eliminates this step at run time.)
    • Then the execution of the native code takes place .

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