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Thread: Information about Windows API code Pack

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    Information about Windows API code Pack

    I want to download the API code pack but I am not having any idea from where I can download it. So thought that you guys will help me in providing some specific links. Also I am interested in knowing more about Windows API code Pack. I know that it is interrelated with .Net Frameworks. I am also expecting some respective information about the same. I am sure that some of members hanging out there will definitely lend some helpful hand for me.

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    Re: Information about Windows API code Pack

    The Windows API code pack for Microsoft .NET Framework is a .NET library for the use of some of the new Windows 7 features and functions from older operating systems. This library contains functions, the so today in no .NET Framework is included. The next version of the .NET Framework will take over large parts of the library, but this will take a while. Sorry, but right now because of the open source nature of any wholly-owned warranty can be given that the libraries in the .NET Framework will look exactly like the code Pack. The great thing about these libraries is that they are present in the source code and can be extended by anyone. This provides the assurance that your applications will work even with later versions of the .NET Framework.

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    Re: Information about Windows API code Pack

    All the necessary resources can be downloaded in a single file. The download is available here: The code is currently packing it in version 1 and contains the following components:
    • Windows 7 Taskbar, Jump Lists, icon overlays, progress bars, tabbed toolbars, thumbnails and thumbnail.
    • Windows 7 libraries, known folder, no file system container.
    • Search Windows Shell API support, a variety of shell functions including Drag and Drop for shell objects (eg files).
    • Explorer Browser Control.
    • Shell properties.
    • Vista and Windows 7 file dialogs, including custom controls.
    • Windows Vista and Windows 7 Task dialogues.
    • Direct3D 11.0, 10.1/10.0 Direct3D, DXGI 1.0/1.1, Direct2D 1.0 DirectWrite, Windows Imaging Component (WIC) APIs. (Direct write and WIC are currently supported only in part)
    • Sensor Platform APIs
    • Extended Linguistic Services API
    • Power Management APIs
    • Application Restart and Recovery APIs
    • Network List Manager APIs
    • Command Link control system and symbols.
    • Shell search API support.
    • Support for Direct3D and Direct2D interoperability.
    • Support for typography and fonts for direct write APIs.

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    Re: Information about Windows API code Pack

    To create the library (except the DirectX relevant features), you need Visual Studio 2008. The entire contents of the package "" provision should be unpacked into a new folder. This includes the file "WindowsAPICodePack.sln" which includes all of the solution. To create the DirectX Features "DirectX.sln" within the DirectX folder is needed. A more detailed description of the requirements is in a help file in the same folder described. The Code Pack includes the libraries and some sample applications that run immediately to demonstrate the use successfully. Each example is available in both C # and Visual Basic so .NET available. Specifically mentioned are examples of Explorer, network, Ribbon, Start bar, sensor and dialog libraries. I think that once after downloading you will come to know about this.

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    Re: Information about Windows API code Pack

    The following are some requirements of the Code Pack:
    1. .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is the minimum required
    2. This library addressed Windows 7 RTM (already available to all MSDN Subscriber), some features but also on older Windows operating systems.
    3. DirectX features need the Windows SDK for Windows 7 RTM. In addition, the examples need some Direct3D DirectX SDK.
    Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework provides a source code library that can be used to access some features of Windows 7 and Windows Vista from managed code. These Windows features are not available to developers today in the .NET Framework.

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