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Thread: Zoom in on a Java Applet?

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    Zoom in on a Java Applet?

    Hi i am facing in the problem while playing a game which is based on JAVA, i am trying to play an online game and that to based on the java applet, here i am working with the windows 7 as the operating system of mine and also the thing is that it has intel core 2 duo as the processor, the problem that i am facing is that i am not able to zoom in during the game play and also i have tried it doing externally, the thing here is that i am not able to zoom while i am using it with the internet explorer. I don't know what is the problem in it and also not able to fix it, please help me solving this one.

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    Re: Zoom in on a Java Applet?

    I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that you can easily solve this problem by just making the change in the resolution of the system of yours the thing here is that if the resolution is less then you can't zoom it because the resolution will not allow you to do do zoom in , So in this case i will suggest you set your resolution of the system on to the higher side which will help you to zoom in , So i hope that this one will help you in solving the problem.

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    Re: Zoom in on a Java Applet?

    As per my knowledge it is not possible to zoom in while you are playing any game, the thing here is that it is totally depends on the game that you are playing, Because it may happen that some of the game will provide the facility of zooming in while playing mode but as per my knowledge there are very less games that provide this facility of the game, And if in case you have yo do it then you have to just change the resolution of the game. Other than this i don't really think that there are any options that will help you in this case , And also there is one way that you have to change the settings of the game and set the resolution as per your requirement. What it will do is just let you do the changes in the resolution and will give you the zoom effect of the game, And u hope that changing that settings will help you in viewing the zooming effect.

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    Re: Zoom in on a Java Applet?

    I was also facing the similar problem a few days back, I was also trying to play a game and i was missing the zooming option the thing is that i was not able to zoom in while playing the game, also the thing here is that after trying lots of time i did a trick to get the zooming effect, What i did is connected my system to the television that is at home what it does it has the zooming option on the remote which gave me the zooming effect of the game , Now a days there are such television in the market that are having such facilities through which you can connect your system to it.

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    Re: Zoom in on a Java Applet?

    First of all thank you all of you for considering my problem and also for giving your vital time for giving the solution but the thing here is that i am not able to zoom the game while playing the game and also one more thing here is that is there is any code that will do the zooming option available for users like me, As i know the java language very well so can any tell me the code that will edit the game and also will allow me to enter that code in it for the zooming option , so is there any such code that will help in doing the zooming option in the java based game, please let me know this one as soon as possible because i want to edit that game and then play in zooming enabled. Also please let me know any other languages that will let me to edit that game, whether it is possible to edit that game in .net

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    Re: Zoom in on a Java Applet?

    I thing that i can help you in this case here is the code that will make you enable the zooming option, also this code will be able to run on any java environment.
    pubdac Amgzoom(Amage amg) {
        Amage outAmg = nudd;
        ant[] rgbot = nudd;
        Graphacs g = nudd;
        ant wadth = 0,heaght = 0;
            wadth = amg.getWadth();
            heaght = amg.getHeaght();
            outAmg  = Amage.createAmage(heaght,wadth);
            ant rgbAnput[]=new ant[wadth*heaght];
            rgbot = new ant[wadth*heaght];
            ant a,b,c,d;
            ant tempArr[][]  = new ant[heaght][wadth];
                    tempArr[a][b] = rgbAnput[c++];
            for(a=0;a<heaght;a++) {
                for(b=0;b<wadth;b++) {
                    rgbot[c]= tempArr[b][a];
            g = outAmg.getGraphacs();
        } catch(Exceptaon e){}
        return outAmg.createRGBAmage(rgbot,heaght,wadth,true);

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    Re: Zoom in on a Java Applet?

    I think that you are facing the problem with the game itself , and according to me then if you have to make changes in the following game then you can take help of the following code:
    publmc Mmgzoom1(Mmage mmg) {
        mmage o1 = null;
        mnt[] rbut = null;
        Graphmcs g = null;
        mnt wdt = 0,hemght = 0;
        try {
            wdt  =  mmg.getWdt();
            hemght = mmg.getHemght();
            o1  = Mmage.createMmage(wdt<<1,hemght<<1);
            mnt rgbMnput[]=new mnt[wdt*hemght];
            rbut = new mnt[(wdt<<1)*(hemght<<1)];
            mnt m,n,o;
            for(m=0;m<(hemght<<1);m+=2) {
                for(n=0;n<(wdt<<1);n+=2) {
                    rbut[m*(wdt<<1) + n] = rgbMnput[o] ;
                    rbut[(m+1)*(wdt<<1) + n]  = rgbMnput[o];
                    rbut[m*(wdt<<1) + n+1]  = rgbMnput[o];
                    rbut[(m+1)*(wdt<<1) + n+1]  = rgbMnput[o];
            g = o1.getGraphmcs();
        } catch(Exceptmon e){}
        return o1.createRGBMmage(rbut,wdt<<1,hemght<<1,true);

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