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Thread: Custom BIOS programming on the Intel

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    Custom BIOS programming on the Intel

    My question is: in what programming language is the bios written by the computer, and it is possible to reprogram it to change or how to program a new? Any other information regarding this is appreciated. Thank you for your replies in advance.

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    Re: Custom BIOS programming on the Intel

    If in doubt, in assembler, because one can ultimately do not use operating system functions, and so do the runtime libraries of almost all programming languages. Change is possible by the folks known Flashing programs, reprogram the BIOS chip. How then should look like the images exactly, you should get anywhere else in experience.

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    Re: Custom BIOS programming on the Intel

    I programmed school time in the Pascal and Delphi, and at home c++ maybe you can tell me a little help with assembler, can I have the *. file of the bios' somehow load it into a programmable program so I can change it? I'm really a newbie, I just know where some programming languages to aid the individual is bitter.

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    Re: Custom BIOS programming on the Intel

    Assembler's have to learn you yourself, and also about hardware programming for your specific system. A self-programmed BIOS to be tailored exactly to the corresponding motherboard. For that you need an exhaustively detailed technical documentation of your motherboard as well as knowledge on the subject I / O, DMA, interrupts and so on. Unfortunately, manufacturers such information only move in one out of 3,000 cases. Ready BIOSes you can still send by the disassembler, but I doubt you really without a good knowledge of assembly language and reverse engineering much can start with the result. In addition, dis-assembly of proprietary software in almost all cases, illegal.

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    Re: Custom BIOS programming on the Intel

    I thought it is similar to chip programming or something. I have such a board with LED's and inputs and outputs and there you could program the eprom or had no idea what a chip that, but this language was really easy and worked well. I wanted to change only a little thing that can be adjusted separately from the front side bus pci bus, maybe I'll find someone who has already programmed a bios.

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