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Thread: How to make response time fast.

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    How to make response time fast.

    Hai Friends,

    Plz Guide me,
    we did a hospital project using J2EE with frontend Flex.
    we are using an application created by us, at a time 200 to 300 persons will access concurrently,
    the main thing is we get more time to retrieve the data from the database,

    v found 3 keypoints...

    A. Clustering Servers
    B. Embedding Database
    C. Memory Caching

    but how to do this plz guide me !!!
    if u know atleast one thing also guide me plz....

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    Re: How to make response time fast.

    I think that you need to change the your development environment temporarily to: config.cache_classes = true

    A good chunk of that 150ms response time is the loading of all the ActiveRecord classes and a lot of meta-programming putting together named_scopes. If you enable caching I'm going to guess the query drops down to somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-70ms.

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