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Thread: Sim toolkit and Java Card

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    Sim toolkit and Java Card

    Mobile phone users typically change more frequently than smart terminal that is owned by the operator, so it may be advisable for the latter to attempt to integrate its applications on the card belongs to him and that is an environment relatively locked rather than the phone. Can anybody know that Sim toolkit and Java Card ?

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    Re: Sim toolkit and Java Card

    To build applications on this platform, you should install a prior version of the JDK, the JavaCard Development Kit available at the following URL:, APIs the SIM Toolkit available at the following URL (you get the opportunity to complete documentation and take the latest version) . It allows the compilation of java files created and the use of packages containing APIs. For those who are fortunate to have a SIM card which they can install their application that they can install if you have a smart card reader and the necessary codes.

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    Re: Sim toolkit and Java Card

    When all these programs are installed, it only remains to configure Eclipse so that he may take into account. Simply create a Java project and classic when bookstores choose to use it deletes the jdk jar of traditional and replaced by api.jar in the lib directory of JavaCard Development Kit (you can also use one provided by the loader SIM Alliance) and the jar sim_api_0319.jar located in the directory Loader SIM Alliance C: \ Program Files \ SIMalliance \ Tools \ interop \ expclass \ export_standard giving as an illustration.

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    Re: Sim toolkit and Java Card

    The SIM world is relatively locked. So to use a map on the network, it requires parameters to be loaded into the card whose value is only known by other operators were among the MSISDN, IMSI, KI, and key values of the map where the keyset they are. If we have all this information, we can make full-scale tests with real cards otherwise it remains simulators which are sufficient as long as you do not use the network.

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    Re: Sim toolkit and Java Card

    These APIs operate essentially part encryption and error handling at the map and tools for creating and manipulating tables
    # Package
    # Exceptions:
    # IOException
    # Package java.lang Classes:
    # Throwable
    # ArithmeticException
    # ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    # ArrayStoreException
    # ClassCastException
    # IndexOutOfBoundsException
    # NegativeArraySizeException
    # NullPointerException
    # RuntimeException
    # SecurityException

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    Re: Sim toolkit and Java Card

    The install method is called when loading the applet on the card and allows it to register with the application manager of the map. The process method can handle any APDUs for the applet may receive directly, but in the interest (ie interaction with the cell phone via SIM ToolKit, is the method to be used processToolKit.

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