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Thread: Flex 3.4 SDK in Flex Builder 3 plug-in

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    Flex 3.4 SDK in Flex Builder 3 plug-in

    There is a slight problem with ubuntu 8.10 and version 3.4 of eclipse: it is impossible to open mxml file in the eclipse. But do not worry there is a very simple solution to implement.(Given that a priori that this bug is on ubuntu, I speak only a user of ubuntu. So it is possible that certain orders or functionalities will not work. Please help.
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    Re: Flex 3.4 SDK in Flex Builder 3 plug-in

    I am sure I point to the right SDK, made in import contains the FileReference, frankly it's a headache because I do not understand what's missing in my conf.I point to the correct SDK 3.4, I closed my eclipse, but I opened c the same in the FileReference class is 3.4 implies addition of the load method.

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    Re: Flex 3.4 SDK in Flex Builder 3 plug-in

    In fact you have to install Flash Player 10 and update your playerglobal.swc. To do this you must download FP10, FP10 ActiveX content debugger, debugger FP10 plugin content. You'll find it all here: Once this is installed you have to get back on your project, click properties, go to Flex Build Path, click the Library Path tab in Flex 3.4 and you'll change your playerglobal.swc. To do this Click the above, you deleted and replaced by you that you find in Flex Builder 3 Plug-in \ SDKs \ \ frameworks \ libs \ player \ 10. After you just gotta change again in the Flex Compile the required Flash player to 10.0.0 and logically you have and the new FileReference upload and donwload file with the Flex will become a real child's play.

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    Re: Flex 3.4 SDK in Flex Builder 3 plug-in

    You need to migrate from Flex 3.0 to 3.4 requires:
    - Download the version 3.4 SDK
    - Unzip the contents into a Directory (you can name 3.4.0)
    - Point to the SDK that is good in the project properties> flex build path to add the directory 3.4.0
    - Choose the SDK 3.4 nouvellemnt added
    - Change the player version in 10.0.0
    Now we must point to the good API flash playerglobal.swc (a big thank you to SVC82) who pointed me in the right direction. to AC I leave you this url.

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    Re: Flex 3.4 SDK in Flex Builder 3 plug-in

    he Adobe Flex Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the Flex framework (component class library) and Flex compiler, enabling "Freely you to deploy Flex Developer and applications using your choice of FDI annually. Development (IDE) multilanguage. It is a tool, while one in which we find the error handling PHP, XML, HTML, JAVA, management does? Tasks, SVN (No additional plugin? Necessary), project management, listing functions in javascript files PHP and management JavaDoc.

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    Re: Flex 3.4 SDK in Flex Builder 3 plug-in

    In practice, this mirror results in a new style property "layoutDirection"on UIComponent. This defaults to "ltr" (left-to-right, the standard French / English) but you can go to "rtl". Note that like other style properties, it will "cascade"in your application. That is to say that if you put in your application layout "rtl" for this to spread to all components of your application UIComponent.

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