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Thread: FormMail cgi with SMTP Auth

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    FormMail cgi with SMTP Auth

    I am using cpanel hosting. I have installed FormMail. I need script that has several interesting features, including:
    - Thank You Page
    - Error Page
    - Mail Acknowledgement
    - Required fields in form
    I need this installed Formmail dice opening your accommodation in your CGI-BIN directory. Please help.

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    Re: FormMail cgi with SMTP Auth

    You need Upload file ftp server to your computer using your ftp software, So by checking IMPERATIVE that you do well in text mode (ASCII) and not binary (scheduled for images, animations ,...). Open the file on your computer with a simple text editor (Such as Notepad, UltraEdit, and ESPECIALLY NOT Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Word ,...). Place yourself in the line entitled "CONFIGURATION PRIVIANET" then change ONLY the information that we have indicated.

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    Re: FormMail cgi with SMTP Auth

    You need to configure domain.
    # General remarks: to fight against spam, it MUST limit the number of addresses
    # To which the script can send emails and the number of sites from which the
    # Script can be used.
    # You must indicate the urls of sites from which you can use this script
    Ex # @ referers = qw
    # Now we need to specify what email addresses can send the script
    # Emails this setting is very important because it prevents spam.
    # Only addresses listed here will receive mail from the form
    @ # Eg allow_mail_to = qw;
    Allow_mail_to @ = qw ;

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    Re: FormMail cgi with SMTP Auth

    You need to changes made and recorded, transfer the file this time your computer to the ftp server Using your FTP software, checking so that required you do it again in text mode (ASCII) and not binary (scheduled for images, animations ,...). If an error has occurred (change of data other than that indicated in red, transfer in binary mode), you will see on the screen an error "Internal Server Error" (error 500) when you can get there from your browser, the server being unable to read it.

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    Re: FormMail cgi with SMTP Auth

    You need to created two hidden fields (hidden), the first entitled "required", contains the following values: "name, email, message." This means that an error page will be displayed if the visitor does not fill the corresponding field (Email, Message ...). We can also customize the error page also displayed. For all these possibilities, and many others (like the second hidden field you can specify the subject of the mail you will receive), we have compiled a small list of possibilities:
    * subject can customize the object (subject) of mail you will receive. The html code to insert into your page:
    <input type=hidden name="subject" value="Titre your mail">

    * e-mail that allows you to respond directly to the form if the visitor said his email address in this field will, for the field "From" address is initialized with the address of your visitor. For allow your visitors to give their email address (and thus their answer!), place this piece of code in your form.

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    Re: FormMail cgi with SMTP Auth

    You need to change the attributes (CHMOD) of 755 to put if this was not done and you have also an error "Internal Server Error" when validating your form (this is done mostly by right-clicking on the file in your FTP software) . Your formmail script is configured and ready to use.

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