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Thread: mysql config file in MySQL

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    mysql config file in MySQL


    I am in trouble to get some concepts regarding the database file and why and where it locates in the computer system and what type of changes can possibly be made on this.

    I am working with MySQL database and have this query for Mysql config file .Have you any idea..?


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    mysql config file in MySQL

    Every database contains some file with the extension of the conifg or conf.It is not only in the case of application software.

    There are a lot of changes made upon the system software to manage the system using that file and the files are located at specific place where only administrator id allowed to go and change the contents of the files.

    The files are working as a command for system,It contains some parameters which is followed and scanned by the system during startup of the database system or system software.

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    mysql config file in MySQL

    Like other system,the mysql config file is used to manage the whole system from hardware to system specific level.

    It's very similar that the primary task of the administrator will need to undertake is accurate configuration and management of MySQL's configuration file. This file, as extension suggested my.cnf, contains default startup parameters for both the server and for clients. accurate configuration of this file can go a long way towards optimizing MySQL, as different memory buffer configuration and other needed options can be configured here.

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    mysql config file in MySQL

    Mysql configuration file named as my.cnf is stored into $MYSQL_DATA directory.There are no any particular parameters to be configure for the replication from oracle to mysql databases.

    There is only need is having dbreader user in mysql database.

    1. How to create user dbreader
    2. Just make sure dbreader username and password are entitled in the property file for connection with mysql and oracle databases from java codes.

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    Creating MySQL configuration file (my.cnf)

    Creating MySQL configuration file:

    If you always find yourself in requirement to setup some MySQL configurations and you are using the MAMP server on Mac OS X,then in this case, you can create a new my.cnf file using the below suggested command :

    sudo cp  /Applications/MAMP/Library/share/mysql/my-medium.cnf /Applications/MAMP/Library/my.cnf
    Now,you have created a manual file for own named my.cnf file where you can set up needed configurations.

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