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Thread: What are the features of CGI?

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    What are the features of CGI?

    Hello Guys,

    I just started to study the CGI technology. Some concepts of CGI sounds very tough to understand. I am not getting the features of CGI. The only thing which I know about the CGI is that, it's works similar to the JSP technology. If you know any features of the CGI, then please let me aware about the same. I would greatly appreciate your any help over CGI. I am waiting for your reply.

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    Re: What are the features of CGI?

    CGI is industry standard which indicates how to transmit the request to the HTTP server program and how to retrieve the generated response. CGI can pass parameters to the program, so it can consider them to generate the data. A classic example is the parameter string containing the search terms with a search engine. It's running a program then returns generated content, as if it were a file content

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    Re: What are the features of CGI?

    An example of a CGI program is one that runs the Web Directory Open Directory Project. When a visitor submits a request to website the HTTP server sends the CGI term that has been entered in the form of webpage. In terms of HTTP, it is necessary to configure it to associate the performance of certain CGI program URLs claimed by the Mariners. By default, servers are generally content to return the file contents.

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    Re: What are the features of CGI?

    As this technology requires a new copy of the program is launched for each request, it can easily overload the servers. This has resulted in the creation of alternative technologies more flexible and efficient. Traditionally, applications Web used the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) which executes a new process for each request. Programming is sometimes difficult because the program is executed in a systematic environment blank and must eventually return information from previous queries.

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    Re: What are the features of CGI?

    The systematic process can lead to a saturation of the server under high stress. With Fast CGI, a finite set of processes is used to process all requests. Next case, the programming can be much simpler and processing requests faster. Fast CGI is a Technical allowing communication between a HTTP server and Software independent. This is the case with Apache for commonly used languages for Web applications.

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