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Thread: What does DOM mean in programming?

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    What does DOM mean in programming?

    Hi friend,

    I have one programming related query to discuss with you. While referring the java book I read about the very strange concept 'DOM'. I didn't get enough details over this 'DOM' concept of programming. I wonder if you are able to let me know something about the 'DOM' concept. I would really appreciate your any help over 'DOM'. I am waiting for your reply.

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    Re: What does DOM mean in programming?

    The DOM i.e Document Object Model is nothing but a recommendation to W3C which describes an interface independent of any programming language and any platform. The document can then be processed and the results of these treatments can be reincorporated into the document as it is presented. Prior to its standardization by the W3C each web browser had its own Document Object Model. If the base language for manipulating Web documents was quickly standardized around JavaScript has not been the same for the specific set of functions to use and how to navigate the document.

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    Re: What does DOM mean in programming?

    The DOM Level 1 published 1998 (level 0 is considered the base implementation in Netscape Navigator 2.0), where the W3C has defined a precise way to represent a document (in particular a document XML) in the form of a tree. Each element generated from the markup as in the case of HTML, a paragraph, a title or a form button, forms a knot. The DOM Level 1 was available for the most part the early versions of Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 6.

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    Re: What does DOM mean in programming?

    DOM can build a tree structure of a document and its elements. It is better to go and memorize the entire document before you can perform the desired treatment. For this reason, using DOM programs often have large memory footprint during treatment. Conversely, from a given DOM tree, it is possible to generate documents in the Markup Language manner, which may in turn be manipulated by the DOM interface.

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    Re: What does DOM mean in programming?

    Hello friend,

    DOM is used to edit documents easily XML or access the content of web pages. In cases not requiring manipulating XML documents, but just read the method SAX can also be chosen because it treats the elements in succession without loading the document into memory. It is needed when the document size exceeds the memory capacity. The official working group has now stopped development of the DOM.

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    Re: What does DOM mean in programming?

    In developments of the basic building block (Core), the possibility of more quickly identifying a node or group of nodes within the document. Thus, for a particular item we do look more like a table in the DOM owners earlier, but we will call the function getElementById (). Objects from DOM are live, Which means that changes in underlying structure of the document reflected in all objects NodeList and NamedNodeMap concerned. The object Node in the tree reflects in complete references in objects NodeList & NamedNodeMap.

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