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Thread: How to decide whether to use the framework in web designing?

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    How to decide whether to use the framework in web designing?

    The most common use of the framework is the navigation. A set of frameworks usually include a navigation bar that contains the framework and another to display main content of the page framework. However, the design of the framework may be more complicated; and in many cases, So I need help on this topic that how to decide whether to use the framework in web designing?

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    It is solely depends on designer to uses frames or not

    See according to me you can create Web pages without frames, which can be achieved using a set of framework can achieve many of the same effect. For example, if you want the navigation bar displayed on the left side of the page, you can either use a set of framework instead of your page, you can only site on each page that contains the navigation bar.

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    Re: How to decide whether to use the framework in web designing?

    According to me there are number of qualified Web designers do not fond of to use the framework, and a lot of people do not fond of Web-browsing framework. In most cases, this aversion because of those who use the framework encountered ineffective or unnecessary use of the framework of the site (for example, whenever visitors click on the navigation button to re-load the navigation frame on the content of the framework set).

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    Re: How to decide whether to use the framework in web designing?

    Not all browsers provide a good framework to support the framework in terms of visitors who cannot navigate may be difficult to show. So, if you really want to use the framework should always be in your no frames section to provide a centralized framework to facilitate the visitors can not view these frameworks. You may also want to provide links to non-frame version of the site, an explicit link to be used for that even though the browser support frames but do not like to use the framework of the visitors

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    Advantages of the framework

    I will like to mention some of the advantages of the framework
    1. Does not require the visitor's browser for each page reload and navigation-related graphics.
    2. Each frame has its own scroll bar (if the content is too large to display in the window no less than), so visitors can independently scroll through these frameworks.
    3. For example, when the frame content pages long, if the navigation bar located in a different frame, then scroll down to the bottom of the page that visitors do not need to scroll back to use the top navigation bar.

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    Re: How to decide whether to use the framework in web designing?

    There are some disadvantages of using these framework which are given below
    1. May be difficult to achieve within the framework of the elements in different precise graphics alignment.
    2. To test the navigation can be very time-consuming.
    3. All with a frame of the page URL is not displayed in the browser, so visitors may be difficult to bookmark a specific page (unless you provide the server code, so that visitors can load a page with a specific framework version.)

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