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Old 27-02-2010
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What are HTA in Programming Language?

Hello folks,
I have done the C++, Core Java programming languages. With that I also know about the HTML and JavaScript. But I am confused when I go through the HTA. I don't know anything about the HTA!! When I tried to search on Web I found different things that was not related with my topic. So thought that posting here, can be a good idea. Please tell me what are HTA in Programming Language? I have read this in different programming languages.
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Old 27-02-2010
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Re: What are HTA in Programming Language?

An HTML Application (HTA) is a Microsoft Windows application written with HTML and Dynamic HTML. HTAs can be made from regular HTML files by simply changing the file extension to .hta. The power to build HTML Applications (HTAs) brings Microsoft Internet Explorer to the fore as a viable Microsoft Windows development platform. HTAs are full-fledged applications. A regular HTML file is confined to the security model of the web browser. Because an HTA has more privileges than an HTML page, it cannot be executed via HTTP. Rather, the HTA must be downloaded and executed from the local file system.
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Old 27-02-2010
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Re: What are HTA in Programming Language?

HTA applications are available in Windows since the advent of the Internet Explorer 4. Files with the extension. Hypertension associated with "Microsoft (R) HTML Application host" mshta.exe. They are executable by double-clicking the file. The security applied to HTA applications are somewhat different from those applied to HTML pages. Thus, an HTA application has access to the file system (FileSystemObject), the registry and the WMI. With HTAs, Dynamic HTML (DHTML) with script can be added to that list. HTAs not only support everything a Web page does?namely HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), scripting languages, and behaviors?but also HTA-specific functionality.
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Old 27-02-2010
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Re: What are HTA in Programming Language?

To create an HTA, write an HTML page, and then save it with the .hta extension. he following sample demonstrates the simplest possible HTA. An HTA runs as a fully trusted application and therefore has more privileges than a normal HTML file. It consists of a string?"Hello, World"?and is saved with the .hta extension. (Even though the html and body tags are omitted in this example, no error is displayed.) To close the HTA, press ALT+F4. The HTA:APPLICATION tag in the following example specifies application features not available in DHTML.
HTML Code:
  <TITLE>My Monster Application</TITLE>
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Old 27-02-2010
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Re: The properties of HTA: application

The properties of HTA: application are as follows :
  1. ID - String, identifier of the application, then allowing the script to access the application.
  2. ApplicationName - This is an application name.
  3. CAPTION - yes' or 'no': sets whether the title bar is displayed or not.
  4. ICON - Full path to icon file (. Ico) 32x32 associated with the application.
  5. INNERBORDER - 'yes' or 'no': defines if the inner edge "3D" the window is displayed or not.
  6. ContextMenu - True or False : display the context menu (click on the window, the right button of mouse)
  7. SCROLLFLAT: 'yes' or 'no': - Specifies the visual appearance of the scrollbar, with 'no' 3D appearance and 'yes' side "flat"
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