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Thread: Use of XSLT

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    Use of XSLT

    Hello friend,

    I am currently studying the concepts of XML. There is one concept which is very strange for me, I am talking about 'XSLT'. I don't have any idea about the functionality of XSLT. I have searched various websites for XSLT, but didn't get enough details. If you posses any knowledge about the XSLT, then please share it with me. I will really appreciate your any help over the concept of XSLT.

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    Re: Use of XSLT

    XSLT is nothing but the abbreviation of 'Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations'. The main objective is the transformation of a document XML to another, or XML dialect (XHTML, XSL, HTML, Etc.). However, the XSLT transformation can also about any other kind of document in text format or in a binary format (although this is not natively provided by the XSLT recommendation). XSLT is based on XPath (another part of the XSL recommendation) to designate a portion of an XML tree.

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    Re: Use of XSLT

    One of main features of XSLT is to be centered on the data. An XSLT is based on XML, a couple is mandatory and can not create XSLT that loops data path selected by XPath. XPath is a language (not XML) to locate a portion of a document XML. Initially created to provide a syntax and semantics for common functions to XPointer and XSL, XPath has rapidly been adopted by developers as a query language easy to use.

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    Re: Use of XSLT

    XPath is the query language in elementary XSLT. It determines if a rule template apply (via the attribute Match), And can also be used to extract the contents of the XML document processed by the XSLT program. XSLT is itself an XML dialect. he initial objective is to facilitate the automated exchange of content between Information Systems heterogeneous (interoperability). Numerous automated documentation tools that have emerged with a simple set of XSLT proves the value of XML as description language document format.

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    Re: Use of XSLT

    There is a better use of XSLT in XML document. A goal of design was to allow XSLT to transform data from one format to another on a server. He readable data back to all kinds of browsers. To make availability of XML document for to any type of web browser, Thre is need to make transformation of the XML document on the server and send it as XHTML to the browser again. The XML file could be processed using many different XSL style sheets.

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    Re: Use of XSLT

    XSLT is developed to be used independently of XSL. The XSLT is not intended to be used as a transformation language for XML as as the general purpose. A Stylesheet XSL is a file that describes how must be presented (that is to say, displayed, printed, spelled) documents XML based on the same DTD or even schema. XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) is the description language stylesheets of W3C associated with XML.

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