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Thread: Refresh after upload an image in jsp

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    Refresh after upload an image in jsp

    Hello, I am creating one of the project in java with the help of JSP. And now I want to Refresh the page when upload of an image in jsp page gets completed. If anyone of you know how to achieve it, then please provide me help regarding it. I am not able to get solution for it. So, if you are having solution for it, then please provide help to me.

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    Re: Refresh after upload an image in jsp

    Hello, if you make use of the servlet then you can solve your problem by simply making use of the code below:
    DataOutput Out = new DataOutputStream (res.getOutputStream ());
    res.setContentType ( "image / jpeg");
    String img = request.getParameter ( "imageName");
    File filename = null;
    FileInputStream in = null;
    String filenamePath = img.replace ("/", "\ \");
    filename = new File (filenamePath);
    if (File.Exists ())
    in = new FileInputStream (filename);
    res.setContentLength ((int) filename.length ());
    byte value [] = new byte [4096];
    int number;
    while ((number = (value))! = -1)
    Out.Write (value, 0, number);
    in.close ();

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    Re: Refresh after upload an image in jsp

    Hello, when I was creating program for refreshing the code I have make use of the code below:
    while (
    InputStream IStr =resultSet.getBinaryStream(2);
    int c=0;
    byte[] arr = new byte[4096];
    int size=0;
    while ((c = != -1)
    System.out.println("Blob retrieved");

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    Re: Refresh after upload an image in jsp

    Hello, I am not able to get your problem properly. If you provide me in details about your problem then I can able to solve it. I want the details below:
    • Is it as home page of your application.
    • To customize the logo there are you using the link of the any other page or you are making use of the hidden form which will appear in your home page.
    • Are you passing any new window for the popup.

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    Re: Refresh after upload an image in jsp

    Hello, I think you must need to make use of the code below for getting your refresh of page after uploading an image in jsp:

    <% @ Page import = "java.sql .*;"%>
    Connection con = null;
    RequestDispatcher requestD;
    pass String = (String) session.getAttribute ( "pass");
    String lgin = "*****";
    String reqpass = "******";
    String url = "jdbc: mysql ://*******/ schneider_final";
    Class.forName ( "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"). NewInstance ();
    con = DriverManager.getConnection (url, lgin, reqpass);
    java.sql.Statement statement = con.createStatement ();
    java.sql.ResultSet rs = statement.executeQuery ( "select * from users where pass =" + pass);
    if (rs.first ())
    String logo = rs.getString ( "logo");
    if (logo! = null)
    out.println ( "<img src=\""+request.getContextPath()+"/SrvShowLogo?imageName="+logo+"\">");
    out.println ( "</ div>");
    rs.close ();
    statement.close ();
    catch (Exception e)
    { }

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