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Thread: Using collate hash in C

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    Using collate hash in C

    I need to create an application in which i want to store user's login name as well as the password. I came to know about the hash function. Hence i think that this is a good idea if i use the collate::hash for the purpose of storing the string based password? Can you tell me for what purpose collate::hash is used exactly

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    Re: Using collate hash in C

    The hash functions are made in order to use it with the hash table and i will tell you to avoid the use of the collate hash function since it is not made of cryptographic use. Basically they are used to speed up the table lookup that is for searching he data fast. Some times the hash functions overlaps each other and hence i would not advice you to use the hash function.

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    Re: Using collate hash in C

    The hash function is used to convert or compress a large size of data in to a small datum it uses a single integer to serve as an index to an array. Note that the values returned by the hash function are known as hash values, hash codes, hash sums, or simply hashes. Lastly it can be used for a faster lookup throughout the data.

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    Re: Using collate hash in C

    I have myself used the collate::hash function in my program for the purpose of storing a hash of a password instead of the password. In other words i can say that the collate::hash function can be used for additional security because the data which is stored in the hash table is not stored in the string format but in some hash value.

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    Re: Using collate hash in C

    It is a very good utility of the c language because if you store a data in the string form if any body hacks your system he will be able to access all your data but if you use the collate::hash function. All the data will be converted to the corresponding hash values. The attacker cannot access the data pretty easily.

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    Re: Using collate hash in C

    Mostly the hash functions are used widely in cryptographic hash functions, error correcting codes etc. But they are used mostly for speeding up table lookup. You can use the collate::hash function for converting all your confidential data in to hash values to prevent hacking or unwanted acces.
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