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Thread: how SSI technique use in html pages

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    how SSI technique use in html pages

    i am MCA student.I am doing project on web page using HTML language.I am using window xp operating system.I have heard about SSI technique .It is very useful technique in designing a web page in HTML language.How do i use SSI command for including header and footer in web page, how it's work in's urgent so tell me as soon as possible.

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    Re: how SSI technique use in html pages

    HTML is a Hyper Text Markup Language which is a markup language for the web solution.It provide a structured document which gives the text document like heading ,paragraph,list.As well as for link,images or any other item.It is written in the form of HTML element with item consist of "tags".SSI mean server side include are the directive that are place in HTML web page.There are several type of markup element use in HTML language,which are structural,presentational,hypertext.When we want some calculation of pages,how much of the page is static,how much need to be recalculated every time.that time we can use SSI (SERVER SIDE INCLUDES) to add some small piece of information like current time.

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    Re: how SSI technique use in html pages

    SSI (Server Side Includes) are directives that are placed in HTML web pages,for the permit SSI on your server firstly you must have module include install and enabled.You also have following directories either httpd.conf file or .htaccess file.There are some modules provides for document with SSI like status,source file & module identifier.The basis SSI directive formatted in HTML comment like <!--#element attribute=value attribute=value ... -->.So if you don't have SSI correctly enabled then browser will ignore it but when you have SSI correctly, then directive will be replaced with its results.Any particular site which made with more than one page,if you want some changes to all that pages its something painful across all the pages,like if you want include header and footer to all pages that time make file header file & footer file that include in each pages with SSI command.The include element can determine what file to be include either file attribute or virtual attribute.

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    Re: how SSI technique use in html pages

    If you want adding header or footer in all web pages that time make one footer file then it include it into each pages with SSI command. like <!--#include virtual="/footer.html" --> .The include element determine what file to include with file attributes or virtual attributes.the file attribute is relative to current directory.SSI also able to configure the time format.If any problem occurred then you can resolved all the problem with SSI directive before your site goes live.You can also configure the size format and its abbreviation number in KB or MB .

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    Re: how SSI technique use in html pages

    Server Side Include (SSI) is a not a replacement for CGI or any other technology related to web pages but it is a great and perfect way to add small-amounts of content to pages,without doing much modification.SSI also provide the some tiny program for conditional statement like if,else..if.SSI are directives that are placed in HTML web pages.They add up some contents to existing HTML pages.

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