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Thread: Problems Using SQL*plus in Oracle

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    Problems Using SQL*plus in Oracle

    I installed Oracle 9i.When I go Start->Program->Oracle-oraHome90. I didn't get SQL*plus.Kindly let me know the idea. Any help would be highly appreciated.Kindly find the attachment also.I am unable to find out the password of database administrator.I am using Windows XP and installed oracle 9i but I get failed to login into administrator account of database.I was working on Linux before with oracle 9i but when I divert on Windows,So confused to use it.So please help me.
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    Problems Using SQL*plus

    You are using oracle 9i and not getting any menu of SQL*plus in the list of programs .
    But before doing anything you need to confirm which Oracle Edition you are using.There are three editions are being used in the market like Express Edition,Enterprise Edition and Standard edition.

    If you have installed anyone of these then it would be known that working style is different on every Edition.

    If you installed Enterprise edition (Most popular and always preferred by DBAs),then go to Start=>Program=>Oracle-oraHome90=>Application development=>SQL*plus at bottom.

    If it is not listed in this list then open your SQL worksheet it will ask to you about password just enter the password and work on it but if you really want to choose that one you need to install it again and go for latest versions.

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    Password of database in oracle

    You are using Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition and you don't know the password of your database,It's nothing like.

    When you are installing Oracle,just remember before you had been prompted for password of your database of sys account and systemaccount.After all of the installation process completion .The database creation wizard come up and ask for the name of database and password after creation.

    If you forget all so Just enter password "change_on_install" for sys account and "Manager" for System if you didn't change it earlier.

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    Issues with Login into Oracle database

    You were working on Linux with Oracle 9i and now you are working on windows and unable to login unless you have exact password for it also.

    Don't worry about anything , Windows database login is something different from Linux ,you were login into database with oracle using this way:

    $ Export ORACLE_SID=<SID>
    $ sqlplus ' / as sysdba'

    But windows follow it from something different way of login:

    C:\> set ORACLE_SID=<SID>
    C:\> sqlplus /NOLOG

    After that it would jump you on SQL prompt .

    SQL> conn / as sysdba;

    Now you can easily operate your database as an Administrator.

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