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Thread: How to add links to other pages in HTML

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    How to add links to other pages in HTML

    The effectiveness of a website depends on the ability to define links from one page to another, and to follow links at the click of a button. I know only that the links are defined with the anchor tag or <a> tag. But Since i am very much new to this html world or html Language can you just help me out in this matter. Please tell me how to add links to other pages in HTML.

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    Re: How to add links to other pages in HTML

    You will have to make use of the anchor tags in html to link various pages with each other. These links can be used point to a certain location all over the Internet or to some anchor on the same page or this anchor tag will allow the user to download the file. you simply have to implement the anchor tag and then define the target inside the tag.

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    Re: How to add links to other pages in HTML

    As the name suggest the anchor tag acts as an anchor which has two ends both are known as Anchors and directions. This will start at the source anchor which will point to the destination anchor which can be either a document or a download or any kind of web resource such as an image or video or a document.

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    Re: How to add links to other pages in HTML

    Links or hyperlinks can be defined with the <a> tag. Consider the example which i had given below:

    <a href="aboutus.html">Home page</a>.

    Here the file aboutus.html is in the same directory in which the whole html document which you are editing is, This is quite important because if it is not in the same directory it will not open the linked document.

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    Re: How to add links to other pages in HTML

    For linking a web page to another website you will have to provide the full web address which is also called as the Uniform resource locator or URL. The web address or the web page must be inserted properly in between the opening and closing anchor tags. For example if you want to link a website then you will have to insert it in the anchor tag as follows

    <a href="">ABC</a>

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    Re: How to add links to other pages in HTML

    It's quite simple to add a normal link to another page in html. You will simply achieve it by using the anchor tags and simply link these pages inside the anchor tags Consider one of the hyper links which i have made <a href="newpage.html">put the string on which you want the hyper link</a> . It is as simple as that.

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