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Thread: PHP fetch error in Internet Explorer 6

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    PHP fetch error in Internet Explorer 6

    I am not sure why my code is not working in the IE 6 while it works perfectly fine when i use it with the Mozilla Firefox browser. The is empty in the Internet Explorer. Please help so that i can get rid of this PHP fetch error

    <td >
    echo "<select name='state' id='state' \"><option selected value=''>Select one</option>";
    while($noticiaST = mysql_fetch_array($querST)) { 
    	echo "<option value='$noticiaST[state]'>$noticiaST[longname]</option>"."<BR>";}
    echo "</select>";

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    Re: PHP fetch error in Internet Explorer 6

    The problems here are not the browser because the PHP code is never affected by the browser. The only difference is that they are executed in different ways. I think that your code has some invalid HTML. Also try to view your source feature in your browser to look at the generated source code and find the invalid parts.

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    Re: PHP fetch error in Internet Explorer 6

    It seems as the browser are not the culprit behind your problems also i would suggest you to remove the <br> tag from your code and the program will start working. I think that you should select drop-downs also don't specify any controls other than the <option>. Hopefully this will solve your problem.

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    Re: PHP fetch error in Internet Explorer 6

    The PHP could is never affected by the browser used for executing it. I think the main problem behind this is that your code outputs invalid HTML. The browsers always handle these problems in different manner. Hence i would request you that you view all your sources in your browser in order to have a closer look at the fetch value.

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