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Thread: Datagrid VS Gridview

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    Datagrid VS Gridview

    I am using the DELL Inspiron 560 desktop computer with Windows XP as operating system. I am beginner programmer in today's programming world. Right now getting knowledge(learning) about programming language like Java, Visual Basic 6, ASP, C sharp and DBMS. I want to know what is difference between the DataGrid and GridView?? And which will be best to use??

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    Re: Datagrid VS Gridview

    Good question ask. I opinion would be the GridView control is the more successor to the DataGrid control. The GridView control is design to show/display data in an HTML table, same has DataGrid. And when you bound both of them to a data source, they both will each display a row from a DataSource as a row in an output table. The gridview has new feature which datagrid does not have and they are: Richer design-time capabilities, improved data source binding capabilities and additional column types and design-time column operations.

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    Re: Datagrid VS Gridview

    I would give you short and simple answer. The answer is that the gridview has many built-in controls for sorting and paging whereas when comes to the datagrid requires 3poodles. And from my personal experience, the gridview is much flexible, but it still carries a lot of "weight" as a trade-off for that flexibility. Hope your will get proper knowledge about the datagrid and gridview.

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    Re: Datagrid VS Gridview

    Advantages of Grid View compared to DataGrid
    1] It has the now attributes paging again sorting can emblematize implemented misplaced postback.
    2] We need to set coin EnablePagingandSortingCallbacks to true. When user selects another page catalogue for GridView it doesn't postback.
    3] We can populate gridview from SqlData source/Object Data dawn by setting. DataSourceid property of GridView. In ObjectDataSource we can give the mention of the business object(class), which makes occupation easier.
    4] When we populate GridView from SqldataSource or ObjectDataSource,by locale allowSorting and Allow Paging commit be handled in built. When we populate gridview other than by giving DataSourceId we need to handle paging also sorting explicitly.
    5] AutogenerateColumns property is set to apropos in cons

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    Re: Datagrid VS Gridview

    Since they both outputs as HTML Tables, the absolute differences are activity to be in how you manually edit the codes for Sorting, paging, updates, and deletions in DataGrids. Manual coding isn't appropriate for these with GridViews. How able-bodied (performance-wise) do you code?

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    Re: Datagrid VS Gridview

    According to me, the Datagrid can be used in web also, and think so the most important differences are the sorting, inserting which is been told already. And also the DataGrid is used for the windows applications, but in earlier versions where datagrids were the only source i.e. ASP.NET 1.1, contains many issues and thus many people used to use XPTables instead of grid inwindows applications. Hope you got enough knowledge about the Datagrid and Gridview.

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