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Thread: Need help to make a multi-player game

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    Need help to make a multi-player game

    Does anyone know how to make multi-player games?? Since I know the programming languages to some extent, any programming language will do.!! So just suggest the required coding and the other thing that is required for making an multi-player games. Hope that there are some guys that can provide me help..!!
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    Re: Need help to make a multi-player game

    If you really want to make some multiplayer games, then you need to have some basic knowledge that is required for the making of that games. You might want to pay a visit to a local bookstore or library, and check out a book on beginning programming. Also you will have to select the exact language that you would be knowing more. If you ask me than I would like to suggest you to start with learning how to program, or how to do 3D modeling, and see which one you like better. If you find difficult to select the programming language, then try different languages, and focus on about 2-3 of them. According to me BASIC is a good language for beginners because it uses commands that anyone could understand, without going into how exactly how the programs work. Once to came to know about the logic used to make a game then you can go for C++, C#, or Java. The related tutorials you can find on the web. Start out with Google Sketchup for 3D modeling and then progress to more advanced programs like Blender. Hope that you got enough help for making a game.

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    Re: Need help to make a multi-player game

    According to me it is very generic to develop a game. Because there are many different fields within Games development like AI, physics, math, game-play, core tech etc ans so on. Even I am in the team of the developing games. Before I started looking into games programming I had already been programming in several languages for years until I felt confident enough to start developing games. You will have to show your creativity for developing some game. You will have to think different so that your game can be famous. I would say learn C and C++ as languages for games as they are the best for doing so. I suggest Java as a first language, once you've harnessed the fundamentals then move onto C, C++. it's actually quite rare that a programmer is a good artist modeler.

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    Re: Need help to make a multi-player game

    Also if you are studying I would like to suggest you to pay more attention to your Math and Physics class in school as you'll use those skills a lot in games programming. You can start to write simple games, console based and simple 2D games, look into the different API's, Libs, Engines etc available to help your development, read games programming specific books. I also think that C# is very similar to C++ in that it inherited many different features from C++. I expect that it would be fine for programming games. But you will need to do a lot of coding for the game.

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    Re: Need help to make a multi-player game

    You will need the OpenSkies Massive Multiplayer Technology in Your Game. The reason for that is described in the following points :
    • You have decided to make an online massive multiplayer game (MMPOG) because:
      • It provides a new persistent income stream
      • It fits your game concept
    • As game developers you have focused on how to develop and implement content – maybe you put off implementing the communications systems until last and it is turning out to be harder than you thought to get working.
    • You are worried about security against spoofing of your MMPOG – one player getting the drop on others through hacking.
    • Maybe you don’t know how many players your server systems will ultimately have to handle – it depends on game popularity and marketing down stream.
    • You know that networking is hard to implement and debug, especially if you have a very large number of players (>32) – which translates to a large, hard-to-control testing regime.

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    Re: Need help to make a multi-player game

    The Software and hardware that you will need to make a video game are described below :
    I think that you can use the software called Genesis 3D Game engine will be more helpful, since it is having good features and it's freely available. You can find this software through the Web. This software comes with a completed game already. It is called GTest and if you want to get an idea what a game can look like you should take a look at the screenshots from GTest. You can easily view that images from there. Good looking textures accent the game and bad textures can make it look amateurish. Textures make all the difference in a video game. So get some textures for your game. The Genesis 3d engine comes with textures but you will want to make your own textures and get more which are freely available. You can also use the Reality Factory Game Engine, if you are having any trouble with the Genesis 3d Software.

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