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Thread: Change default port no for mysql in XAMPP

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    smile Change default port no for mysql in XAMPP

    Hello Everyone,
    Seasons Greetings to all

    I am using xampp and want to change the default port no. for mysql.
    Also, PLZ suggest the changes that need to be done to phpmyadmin config files, so as to still use the phpmyadmin after port no. change.


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    Re: Change default port no for mysql in XAMPP

    All you need to do is to first open up the SQL server configuration manager and then click the protocols for MS sql server. Now right click the TCP/IP. In the property window select the Ip address tab and then specify the new port number for the server. Now restart the application.

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    Re: Change default port no for mysql in XAMPP

    Hey do the following to change the port number. Hope this will help you.
    • First stop the XAMPP server
    • Open this file httpd.conf file from the installation folder
    • Look for the Port that your XAMPP is using i.e. Port 80 or any thing else and change it to the other port number which you wish to.
    • Now in the same folder look for the ServerName which will define the name of the server consist of the port number, update this also.
    • Save the setting and restart your system

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    Re: Change default port no for mysql in XAMPP

    For changing the default port number in the mysql in windows. Try Open C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\conf and search for a file named http.conf in that file look out for a line which would be similar to the one below
    Listen (in my file its on line no. 53)
    Change the ip address as you want.

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