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Thread: How to grant permission?

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    How to grant permission?

    Hi All,

    I ma developing project in the SQL. For this project I need to grant permission for different user with different access rights . I don't know the procedure to grant the permission in the SQL.
    Please let me aware about the How to grant permission? I would greatly appreciate your any help over this.

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    Re: How to grant permission?

    Hi Friend,

    In the SQl you can achieve the granting by using the "GRANT" command. The syntax for the "GRANT" command is as below:
    GRANT <permissions which you want apply>
    [ON <name of the table over you want to apply permission>]
    [ON <EMP>]

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    Re: How to grant permission?


    Please refer below syntax for the granting any permission in the SQL:
    ALL [PRIVILEGEStype] | permission}
    [(columnName)] ON {tableName | viewName}
    | ON {tableName | viewName}[(columnName)]
    | ON {stored_procedureName | extended_procedureName}
    TO securityAccountName
    [AS {groupName}]

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    Re: How to grant permission?

    If you want to gran the permission over the SQL statement. You can grant permission for following statement:
    1. BACKUP DATABASE statement
    2. CREATE TABLE statement
    3. CREATE DATABASE statement
    4. CREATE DEFAULT statement
    5. CREATE RULE statement
    6. CREATE VIEW statement
    7. BACKUP LOG statement
    8. CREATE PROCEDURE statement

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    Re: How to grant permission?

    Hi friend,
    The below SQL example will demonstrate yow procedure to grant permission in SQL:
    GRANT insert

    ON account

    TO public


    GRANT delete, insert

    ON account

    TO adam, lana


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