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Thread: Which language to choose to start with programming?

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    Which language to choose to start with programming?

    I am just a new bee to the programming world. I thought C++ is a little bit tough for me so I switched to C#. But after couple of weeks I am same position with the C# also. I have also learned some scripting languages like JScript, VBScript, asp etc. It also looks similar to me. Right now I am confused about choosing the programming languages. Can anybody help me in choosing the correct programming language or scripting language?

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    Re: Which language to choose to start with programming?

    I don’t think C++ is tough programming language, it is just a basic programming language which is used to develop logical skills of the programmers. If now also you are thinking that C++ is tough for you then learn the C++ till “Structure and arrays” and then switch to Java or C#. If you want go developing web based applications in future then enhance your skill related to Java and C#, but if you want to go for desktop based application the Visual Basic is the best language for you.

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    Re: Which language to choose to start with programming?

    You can choose any programming language for developing your programming skills. I will suggest not to use C++ but try to use classic C language. You can refer the books like “Let us C” by Yeshwant kanetkar. That book will be enough for enhancing your basic logic for development. Later on you can refer programming websites, for readymade examples. This will surely help you out. See according to me if you give more time to practice for programming language the easier it will be for you.

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    Re: Which language to choose to start with programming?

    I will suggest you to choose Visual Basic because it is easy to learn you don’t have to make code for designing interfaces. But if you choose Java you have to write minimum of fifteen lines of codes for just creating a textbox. Java and Visual basic has their own advantages and disadvantages. Scripting languages like JavaScript and VBScript are not programming languages in any manner, they are just scripting languages, which are used for validation purpose. ASP is used for creating web based application, I will suggest not go for ASP because you have better option like ASP.NET, PHP and many more.

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