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Old 26-11-2009
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Coldfusion query problem

My problem is that my query does not work and I can not find the error. Note that I use coldfusion.

<cfquery Name="req" datasource="grh_etud15"> 

Select employeeid, full name, employee day 
from employee, intervention 
where employee.employeeid = intervention.employee 
and day = 15/01/2004 

HTML Code:


#createODBCDate("15/01/2004" )#


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Old 26-11-2009
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Re: Coldfusion query problem

In my opinion it takes atleast quarter date, and to do well even use to_date (or equivalent in your DBMS) with the proper mask, and although many do use a prepared statement.
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Old 26-11-2009
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Re: Coldfusion query problem

Put the date in quotation marks or apostrophes, test the two cases. In all databases, dates are often run as a string in the WHERE clause, and the format to use (DD/MM/YYYY, YYYYMMDD, MM/DD/YYYY) depends on the context. The example given by absolute55 corresponds to Oracle.
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Old 26-11-2009
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 3,859
Re: Coldfusion query problem

Yes of course database in access, and coldfusion. I have master system information and so the computer is not my base leg. I always have an error that will be with '' or "" or ##

error message:

Error Executing Database Query.
Data type mismatch in criteria expression.

The error occurred in D:\www\etud15\TD-CF\TD1\exo4.cfm: line 2

2: <cfquery name="req" datasource="grh_etud15">
4: Select employeid, full name, employee day

SQL Select employeeid, name, surname, employee, from employee days, where intervention employee.employeeid = intervention.employee and day = "15/01/2004"
DATASOURCE grh_etud15
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