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Thread: Usefulness of the PivotTable

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    Usefulness of the PivotTable

    As most of the details in computer, which are easy, but it takes no time in understanding my thing is that the PivotTable that I managed to apply on data:

    - 3 Columns
    - 35 lines

    (duplicate rows)

    My question is: Is the pivot table useful to display the number data by attribute:

    Name: 35 John
    45 Sameer
    etc. ....

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    Re: Usefulness of the PivotTable

    It can be used among others. It is usually a group of data to be presented differently. Suppose I have a client in column A, a date in column B (the date of the invoice) and the amount in column C (the amount of the invoice) with a PivotTable, I can easily find
    -how many invoices for each customer
    -how many invoices for each customer per year, or month
    -total purchases of that customer
    -the amount of purchases of that customer by year or month
    -what customers bought something during such month

    all with filters that automatically added the ability to make totals and subtotals and can obtain very easily the relevant data (imagine that I filtered a particular client and a particular month in the table, If I double click in the table, he'll create a tab or it will only Show me the data)

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    Re: Usefulness of the PivotTable

    So it is one of the forefathers BI of reporting and navigation CUBE? According to Microsoft, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can help everyone in your organization quickly access the timely, relevant, and accurate information that drives better decision making and impacts your bottom line.

    Microsoft business intelligence solutions can help your organization:

    - Find inefficiencies
    - Save money
    - Get real-time information
    - Find profitable customers
    - Pivot on a dime

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    Re: Usefulness of the PivotTable

    I do not know very well the historicity of thing but I would say it was rather builds upon a way to make small requests on a mini database than BI.

    After, of course, both (TCD and BI) are ways of making requests on the database without having to dip their hands in the code but it's probably their only common point.

    The BI will ask general real database, and to enable analysis of complex
    The TBC will not allow duty builds upon a database to make a quick analysis of anything. It responds to the fact that not many people store data in Excel, they often have no knowledge of database, but they would like to summarize the data even when. But for example, can not easily do a join in excel, missing lots of things you would find in a true database.

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