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Thread: pointer support in java

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    pointer support in java

    Hi Friends,

    In the field of the programming pointers has the special meaning. According to my information C and C++ have the java support. But java does not support Pointers, is it correct?

    What do you think as JAVA doesn't support java, Is it advantage of the java ?or what?
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    Re: pointer support in java


    As JAVA programming doesn't have pointers, according to me it's depends upon you that it is advantages of JAVA programming OR disadvantage.

    If you are good in pointers of C and C++, then it will be advantage for. And if you are weak in the pointers then it will be disadvantage for you.

    I hope you will understand this....

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    Re: pointer support in java

    Hi Guys,

    We create applets using JAVA, and that why it will be insecure of use of the pointers. I hope you aware that memory location will be accessible if you use pointers in the program. So because of this insecurity JAVA inventor didn't make pointer support to the JAVA. It is advantages of JAVA because pointer is very complicated to use in program code.

    Is this information satisfies you confusion regarding pointer?

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    Re: pointer support in java

    1. It is convenient to use pointers but it increases vulnerability as there is no limitation on reading locations of the memory.

    2. But the advantage of pointers is that you are able to directly access location of memory ,and it can be used in more amount if you are designing games.

    3. Without Pointers you are also able to create application in JAVA programming. Which makes Pointers useless in JAVA.

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