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Thread: Explanation on Parser, Sax and Dom

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    Explanation on Parser, Sax and Dom

    I am looking for a detailed description of PARSER, SAX and DOM. This are most common and needed terms in XML language. I have designed a site for a project work. This site states information on a local area development. Now the site is linked to a database which works on XML. I am quiet familiar but does not what is the actual work the above terms meant for. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Explanation on Parser, Sax and Dom

    A parser is a software tool, a parser, which allows a client application to validate (if it is a validating parser) an XML document and read it, see change. A parser makes available to the application client read the XML data through APIs, the most common being SAX and DOM. Another class of parsers, more recently, includes a pull technology, combining the advantages of SAX - defined as a PUSH technology - and without their drawbacks DOM . StAX (Streaming API for XML) is an example of Java API Pull parsers implemented by BEA and Sun.

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    Re: Explanation on Parser, Sax and Dom

    DOM is a W3C recommendation, proposed in several versions (level) with features and increasing the compatibility of which is rising; The Level 1 became a recommendation on October 1, 98, Level 2 (XML) November 13, 2000, and all elements of level 3 are not recommendations to date. DOM (Document Object Model) is an API for accessing the contents of an XML document as a tree structure. The XML document, having been fully loaded into memory, is accessible through a set of 'objects corresponding to different types of knots in it, and describing methods for traversing the tree in a hierarchical or cross.

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    Re: Explanation on Parser, Sax and Dom

    It is very helpful for reading large documents. It will not cons not suitable for cases where the client application can not be satisfied with a linear path and "snippets" of the XML document. SAX (Simple API for XML) is an API based on an event model, which transforms an XML document into a stream of events triggered by reading XML syntactic elements like start tag, end tag, etc. The model is somewhat modeled on the GUI, the client application becomes an "event listener". SAX has the advantage, through its operation, not read the code in small portions, which avoids to load into memory completely, unlike DOM.

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