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Thread: Implementing ADA on Xcode

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    Implementing ADA on Xcode

    In case of MAC OS X I think ADA is a proper solution for a software development. I am looking for suggestion on using ADA over Xcode. Like how to run it or a general description of ADA which will help out me to understand more easily and the implementation of the language. Is the language similar to C++, JAVA or it is better. If we compare them to the most famous programing languages then where does it lies. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Implementing ADA on Xcode

    The ADA is a programming language developed in the early 1980s. It is a powerful language with improved features. Xcode is a development environment for Mac OS X. It allows you to program in C, C + +, Java, Objective-C, Dashcode, AppleScript, etc. This software is freely available and comes with all Macs with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), the latest version is 2.4.1 available from the Apple site, and as well as versions for Mac OS X 10.3 (Version 1.5). XCode is a Universal Binary, so it is compatible Intel and PowerPC. Both works great.

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    Re: Implementing ADA on Xcode

    For the use of ADA in Xcode, you obviously need the software of Apple's Xcode development for this you have to search online. There are many sites which offer the above option. You can then download XCode if you does not have from the official site of Apple. The size of XCode is about 924 Mb approx. Then you will need the ADA compiler GCC 4.2. This compiler contains the gcc 4.2 ADA, C, C + + and ObjectiveC.

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    Re: Implementing ADA on Xcode

    Once you have downloaded Xcode and the ADA compiler (GNAT 4.2), it only remains to install. You can run the from your dock or folder Macintosh HD / Developer / Applications /. Then just create a new project by going on File. The new project wizard will open with a list of different possible projects. Select the Ada Standard Tool and click Next. Then give a project name and the location where you want to save it. Then click Finish to start your project. Here in this window of your project, you can edit your files by double clicking on the file you have just created right now.

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