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Old 13-11-2009
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Google's Go programming language

Google Go - A new programming language.
Google continues to launch nonstop services and products. Esta vez ha presentado Go, un lenguaje de programaci?n experimental y completamente abierto que combina la seguridad y rendimiento de C++ con la velocidad de un lenguaje din?mico como Python. This time it introduced Go, an experimental programming language and completely open that combines the security and performance of C + + with the speed of a dynamic language like Python. With this language Google hopes to provide a good tool to work in multiprocessor environments and an easy way to get programming with object orientation and the advantages of having, for example, the garbage collector to have no memory problems. An Example is given below
Gender::= male | female.
person <? {dayOfBirth:[]=>day. age:[]=>integer.
gender:[]=>Gender. name:[]=>string.
home:[]=>string. lives:[string]{}}.
age() => yearsBetween(now(),Born).
lives(Pl) :- Pl=home().
yearsBetween(...) => ..
What is missing from Google to control more Internet, and mobile, and searches ...? All think that nothing, have everything, the search engine services around as Office Free.. also its own messenger, your own web browser, a mobile operating system and soon to your own desktop operating system to compete with Windows, OS X and even Linux, but Chrome OS will be based on Linux. Well, the answer is simple, Google will need to have an own programming language, and in fact already a reality. Go is an experimental programming language and completely open to Google that combines safety and performance of C + + with the speed of a dynamic language like Python or PHP. Perhaps this is what many developers crave, and what Google could take time using internally. The idea of Big Brother with new programming this tool is simply to work in multiprocessor environments and with a simple object-oriented programming. Besides the syntax of the language looks like C + +, but has perhaps a touch of Python and Java and PHP. Go combines the speed of development work in a dynamic language like Python, with performance and safety of a compiled language like C or C + +. Go es un buen lenguaje para sistemas programados con soporte para multi-procesos. Go is a good language for systems software with support for multi-processes. Take a look a few months where they were launching Google News were covering all sectors from Android, Chrome, GPS, Voice IP, Google Wave, for the year for PC operating system (OS Chrome) and countless more news that is coming to a point they begin to saturate.
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Old 07-06-2011
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Re: Google's Go programming language

Short programs can be translated as Go in fractions of a second and even large projects will have to compile in a few seconds. The resulting code is then run as fast as written in C. Go is particularly suitable for system programming before and brings processor support and a new approach to the design. Google explains that the last ten years no programming language has not really distinguished.
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