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Thread: Convert C++ program into C

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    Convert C++ program into C

    I wonder if it is possible to convert a code c + + in to c program , and if so how? Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Convert C++ program into C

    in general, C is compatible with C + +.
    If you create C code, you're almost sure it will work directly... C + + will ask you to castes such as malloc (it's dirty, but it works)

    The cleanest method is to keep your portion C in one (or more) of your files, which will be named. C and listed, you can save files. Cpp which call functions. C (via a. H)

    it works very well ...

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    Re: Convert C++ program into C

    C++ is a superset of C so any C program can be compiled and run as a C++ program(doesn't change the fact that it is really C). Do not forget a extern "C" when it includes a header in C code C + + (so that the linker is found there; the agreement to generate the symbols are different between C and C + +).

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    Re: Convert C++ program into C

    The C version of the program uses stack library. The C++ version uses a stack object to implement the program. In C program require a function call for every single compare, whereas the C++ implementation would allow the compiler to inline the integer comparison calls.

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    Re: Convert C++ program into C

    tell me how may i convert C++ coding to C syntax .... rply me fast ....!!

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