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Thread: Creating an operating system (OS) in Java

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    Creating an operating system (OS) in Java

    I often wonder if it's possible to create an OS with Java. My answer was always "NO" but given the presence of a Java OS as JavaOS, my current answer to this question is "MAY BE" which was mainly the JNI API for adding C code. Therefore, I head for you to get a precise answer and some explications.

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    Re: Creating an operating system (OS) in Java

    The answer is: yes it is possible and it exists: JNode is probably the most mature and known projects in this area. Then when you say you want "a clear answer and explanation", exactly what you want? Yes it's possible, yes it was done, according to how it work, then it must look at how an OS works and read the documentation of JNode or look at the code (good luck for the compilation for you recompile with the JRE)

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    Re: Creating an operating system (OS) in Java

    What I meant was that although the C language can fully manage the access memory and management of material resources, coding ASSEMBLER was essential for the creation of operating systems and the implementation of certain functions, then I wonder how Java with its level of abstraction could be used for the development of an operating system for desktop!

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    Re: Creating an operating system (OS) in Java

    You must use a minimum of assembly in all cases, yet there is not, at least to my knowledge, way not use assembler to create an operating system. In the case of JNode, source code contains about 2% of assembler for the JVM and the bootloader.

    I have a fun time in the JNode source code (very bloody indeed). They have actually implemented a memory manager in Java. There are very few native methods and the assembly code is very small and also pretty well screwed.

    It's very interesting to watch as a code

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