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Thread: Fixing registry after system recovery

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    Fixing registry after system recovery

    I have hp pavilion at my home .Recently my system infected with virus.after that my machine locked up and Windows was unable to start after shut down.I think my registry was screwed up.Is there is any way to fix this and get everything running again without doing a destructive recovery? Anyone can help me out? Any suggestion??

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    Affection Re: Fixing registry after system recovery

    You have to uninstall and reinstall all the program.start clean-up process during that switch to permissions on.Run in Safe Mode to access my permissions and ownerships.The programs that are working have Owneras being the owner of the programs, while the ones that aren't working have Administratorsas being the owners. I'm unsure how to switch this. Under the options to change ownership are: Administrator and Administrators.Try to run chkdsk /r.If you do not have a windows xp disk, download the following file: rc.iso....go here..then run chkdsk /r
    from the rc.iso sure the bios is set to boot from the cd drive first...

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    Re: Fixing registry after system recovery

    You need ISO files for repair this. Get burncdcc ..a small FAST no frills iso burning program. Start BurnCDCC-Browse to the ISO file you want to burn on cd/dvd this case its rc.iso-Select the ISO file-click on Start.Make sure in the bios is the CD the first boot device. Put the CD into the CD player .boot your computer .. When you reach the screen that gives you the option to install or repair .. . Select R. .. then when you arrive at the command prompt ... Type chkdsk / r. Press.

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    Fixing registry after system recovery

    System Restore is a Windows XP Home feature that helps you roll back your system to a previous state in case of trouble. The best thing about this feature is that you can restore your system without affecting the user files, like Word documents, IE history, bookmarks, and emails on your hard drive. Therefore, if your system does not work properly and you do not see what the problem might be, you can choose to perform a system restore.the System Restore feature is enabled on your computer. To verify this, right-click My Computer on your Desktop and select the Properties command. On the System Restore tab, ensure that the Turn off System Restore on all drives is clear. To disable System Restore, select the check box.

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