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Thread: Open source identity management

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    Open source identity management

    I have just join a programing firm. I want to know what is Open source identity management .suppose anyone who wants to develop their own identity management system then how it will be done ? what kid of application require for that?? can any one know about this? Any suggestion??

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    Re: Open source identity management

    Complete solution for identity management includes a number of components. As such, it would be difficult for a single open source project to offer a plug-and-play identity management system.ale University has developed a set of Java servlets called CAS (Central Authorization Service), which is provided in License Yale and whose own several American universities currently use. Another toolkit - similarly under a custom license - is the JOSSO (Java Open Single Sign-On) Project, which offers hooks for ASP, PHP, and Java applications.

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    Re: Open source identity management

    Identity Management includes directory services, authentication services and licensing, certification authorities, administration consoles, single sign-on and provisioning services.Open Source Federated Identity Management - Liberty Alliance , SAML and WS-Federation. Commercial Royalty free if used on fewer than 100 computers per company. # Novell Nsure UDDI Server - Nsure is a UDDI Registry 2.0 technology built on Directory Services. It offers secure access to the contents of the Register (authentication and authorization), the unified account management, and distribution of records by the operator directory services. It works with any LDAP (V3) based directory backend.

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    Re: Open source identity management

    Now days every enterprise needs an identity and access management infrastructure that aligns with its business strategies and Enables future growth-all while keeping costs low. Read this white paper to learn more about Sun's range of open-source identity management software solutions that offer the flexibility and innovation that businesses need at a lower cost than proprietary alternatives. dentity management is a critical component of an enterprise's IT infrastructure-Particularly as more enterprise applications and systems are being leveraged across extranets. As the number of users grows exponentially, enterprises must Ensure that they can meet their Increasingly complex identity management needs while keeping the organization in compliance and keeping costs low.

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