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Old 21-10-2009
Join Date: Jul 2009
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Addition of a structure

I created a code to identify different objects, each contained in a link. So far, so good, here is the code:

#include <stdio.h>
typedef struct object {
int a;
int b;
} an_object;
typedef struct link {
an_object * infos;
struct link * next;
} an_link;
an_link *addElement(an_link *the_link, an_object *l_object) {
an_link *new_link = malloc(sizeof(un_link));
new_link->next = NULL;
new_link->infos = malloc(sizeof(an_object));
new_link->infos->a = l_object->a;
new_link->infos->b = l_object->b;
if (the_link== NULL)
 return new_link;
else {
 an_link *link_common = the_link;
 while (link_common->next != NULL)
  link_common= link_common->next;
 link_common->next = new_link;
 return the_link;
int main(void)
an_link*the_link= NULL;
an_object l_object = { 12, 56 };
the_link = addElement(the_link, &l_object);
printf("%d\t%d", the_link->infos->a, the_link->infos->b);
return 0;
But it imposes on me to include in my list Code structure further defined as:

struct list{
an_link * premier_link;
an_link * last_link;
an_link * link_common;
I tried to implement the code above this structure and the changes it entails, but curiously, I do not succeed ... Can you show me please?
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Old 21-10-2009
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Re: Addition of a structure

Since you have the possibility to browse your list in one direction, do you really need a pointer to the last link?

How do you do if you want to travel the same list twice in the same time? You'll add a link to your current structure?

This structure is required? That sounds really dubious. The last link pointer can invite you to make a doubly linked list, but the current link, I really doubt that this is a good idea
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Old 21-10-2009
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 122
Re: Addition of a structure

Do not I make doubly linked list? Regarding the current link, here's what it makes me want to do:

"Given that we have to traverse the list to change iteratively each object, it is included in the list structure pointer "current" to move through the list and keep the location where we are. "

Is this clearer?
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Old 21-10-2009
Join Date: May 2008
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Re: Addition of a structure

Each time the function is called, it allocates memory and stores the address allocated to a local variable that is lost in the end function => memory leak ensured

As for your question it is almost the same reason. If you change list you lose your pointer early.

Now, if you really want to make lists correctly, then I advise the following method: you create a structure to hold the list. The structure may very well not hold the pointer to start it does not matter. It may seem silly to create a structure just for a pointer but then, nothing prevents you from adding other elements such as
- The number of members
- Pointer during treatment
- A pointer to the end (to go in the opposite direction)

If you plan early this kind of case, you will have less work later to change your code. And also it will avoid going through pointers to pointers when you must edit an item
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