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Thread: How to create object in JAVA

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    How to create object in JAVA

    I need some information how to create object in a JAVA program. I am newbie in it. Also need some information on Java Expression. What does it means and how to use it. I had completed half of it. I had done with objects, Variables and Data Types and Java Operators. Now I had some project work to finish it up. So please post some appropriate suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to create object in JAVA

    A expressions is a element that do the work of a Java program. Among other things, expressions are used to calculate and assign values to variables and to control the flow of a Java program. The work of an expression is divided into two parts, the calculations indicated by the elements of expression and return some value. It is actually a set of variables, operators, and method calls (constructed according to the syntax of language) that evaluates to a single value. The type of data returned by an expression depends on the elements used in the expression. The expression count + + returns an integer because + + returns the same type as its operand and count is an integer. Other expressions return boolean values, strings, etc ...

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    Re: How to create object in JAVA

    An expression of a method call returns the value of the method and the data type of an expression of a method call is the same type of data that the method return value. The method () was declared as an integer, hence the expression () returns an integer. The second expression in the sentence ()! = -1 Using the! =. Remember that this operator checks if the two operands are different. In this sentence the operands are () and -1. As you can see, Java allows you to build compound expressions and statements from several small expressions provided that the data types required by a part of the expression matches the data types of the other. There will also be able to complete the above example, the order in which they evaluated the components of a compound expression.

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    Re: How to create object in JAVA

    Here are some useful tips to generate a object in JAVA. First to you have to create Objects in Java. In Java, an object is created by creating an object of a class or, in other words, instantiating a class. Learn how to create a class later in Creating Classes. The new operator instantiates a class by allocating memory for the new object of that type. New needs a single argument: a call to the constructor. Constructor methods are special methods provided by each Java class that are causing these initialization of new objects of that type. The new operator creates the object, the constructor initializes.

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