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Thread: Keyboard events in c + +

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    Keyboard events in c + +

    I would like to recognize keyboards and mouse event, I have tried to include the sdl in my Qt project, but the problem is in the compilation: I'm writing
    C + +  1 	  # include <SDL/SDL.h>
    the console gives me during compilation manual for Qt:
    Console  main.cpp: 11:21: SDL / SDL.h: No such file or directory
    can someone explain me how to integrate SDL to a Qt project?

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    Re: keyboard events in c + +

    Windows Forms provides several options for programmatically simulating mouse and keyboard input.Qt has its own event management,, we must reimplement the methods like:
          cout << "Press key any key move " << endl;
          cin >> key;
          cout << "You pressed name of key : " << key << endl;
          return 0;

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    Re: keyboard events in c + +

     void QCloseEvent (QCloseEvent * event) 
         QMessageBox:: information (this, "Closed", "Closing the program!"); 
         event -> accept (); 
    You'll find a bunch of methods xx_event to manage all the events. The code will displays a dialog box when you close your window.

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    Re: keyboard events in c + +

    You really should use third party libraries. There's definitely no platform-independent way to do it in ANSI C. Signal handling is not the way. Some C++ implementations reimplement the standard input stream seperatly from the C stdin stream.

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