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Thread: PHP Decoder for HTML Script

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    PHP Decoder for HTML Script

    I have a html script which is encoded by Ioncube. I'm looking for some php decoder,in order to convert that particular script which has been encoded by Ioncube. Is it possible for me to convert that particular script by using php decoder? Any one have any idea about it? Let me know your views on the above topic? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: PHP Decoder for HTML Script

    IonCube encoding is more or less a one way process, and if it is encoded chances are decoding is illegal. Php decoder html shows you how to decode html in php. If you are using php no one will be able to see your PHP code all they will see is the out put code (mainly html).

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    Re: PHP Decoder for HTML Script

    deZender is the software that specially used for to decompile/decode PHP files encoded by Zend Encoder/SafeGuard, ionCube, or SourceGuardian. Typical decoders online use specialised algorithms or a simple dictionary attack to decrypt MD5 over a long period of time and then put the answer in a database. It mainly use cryptanalysis, decompressing and decompiling technology to decode an encoded PHP file into readable, executable PHP source code.

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    Re: PHP Decoder for HTML Script

    You can try to find another text,make the MD5 result the same to what you want, but it's impossible to find the original text from MD5 result. PHP MIME Mail decoder class is a PHP class to parse and decode MIME email messages. It can decode messages read from files or data strings. The bodies of multipart messages can be decoded into distinct sub-messages.

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