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Thread: Error uploading file to the Web server

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    Error uploading file to the Web server

    I am making a file upload system in which the user selects between a single or multiple files upload option. i'm using php triad 2.21 there's no error/warning but when i'm uploaded in my server (php 4.3.2) there's a warning Warning:The message I receive is "move_uploaded_file(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/httpdocs/tess.jpg) is not within the allowed path(s):" What this error message suggest and how do I resolve this error.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Error uploading file to the Web server

    Also, the max size is 8mb unless you have $19+ in upgrades. You can find the file size in the control panel and the file types on the upgrade page. It is possible that there is a quota set on maximum file size for upload. If you are using the standard browse for files method using the My Computer applet, instead try using Drag-n-Drop Edit, you are on box 13 so the thread tpog pointed to is relevant for you.

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    Re: Error uploading file to the Web server

    I've got Windows XP with SP2, and often the the message "Error uploading file" when I'm trying to upload files to WebCT using the upload files function in Build/Course Tools. But I will suggest one thing here is that Edit your PHP.INI file to match your requirements. That is max upload time, memory limit etc. I get it more often when trying to upload multiple files, or large files. All the files I am trying to upload are in .pdf format. I'm using my home Internet access which is ADSL & upload speed is approx 380kbs.

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    Re: Error uploading file to the Web server

    Create a directory named temp in your server's moxiedata directory. Locate the file named in the moxiebin directory and open it in a text editor. Your file "ray/.htaccess" is either corrupted or does not exist. Make sure that you do have the file "ray/.htaccess", FTP the revised file to your server's moxiebin directory, making sure that your FTP client is set to "plain text" or ASCII mode. To find out if it is a quota issue, you should contact your WebCT/Blackboard administrator, who should be able to tell you.

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