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Thread: How to read XML data generated by PHP in FLash

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    How to read XML data generated by PHP in FLash

    I have been trying to write AS3 that can read xml which is dynamically generated by php. I have generated the xml in several ways -- all of which seem to work but I keep getting the error, I have a normal XML file which I chucked together that works fine with the code I have below - this is obviously saved as an xml file as well. What I'm trying to do is generate an XML page using PHP.

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    Re: How to read XML data generated by PHP in FLash

    Everything works great! but why? if i replace videos.php with a static xml file, videos.xml the local path works fine. The pocketRFlash.php (in PocketReader) and the Rss.php (in the Reader) handles the XML output to build the string flow. The xmlclass.php is the base class for both. Any ideas about why it doesn´t work with a php script? That is because xml is declared anywhere. Either declare the xml at the top to make it accessible by all the code or inside the event handler.

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    Re: How to read XML data generated by PHP in FLash

    XML (EXtensible Markup Language) is a way of structuring information in a text-based file using tags that are similar to HTML tags, but not predefined as HTML tags are. XML was conceived as a means of regaining the power and flexibility of SGML without most of its complexity. Although a restricted form of SGML, XML nonetheless preserves most of SGML's power and richness, and yet still retains all of SGML's commonly used features. Instead, you make up the tags (or use one of the evolving XML application standards) which best define your data structure, or use the XML file generated by conversion from spreadsheet or database content.

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    Re: How to read XML data generated by PHP in FLash

    Flash with PHP/XML and I'll be darned, my own post shows up in the search results. I'm (maybe was) having trouble with the XML not loading in time for when it's needed in scrolling content area. Essentially this means that all elements must either have closing tags or be written in a special form (as described below), and that all the elements must nest properly. I think I figured it out, it's all about loading the XML as far up front as I can. Hopefully next time the client tries it out, everything will be fine, no missing content.

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