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Thread: What is the requirement to run Apache

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    What is the requirement to run Apache

    I am a newbie in programing. I have some doubts relevant to Apache server configuration and setup. First thing I had created a setup of router via Ethernet cable. Here I have a Apache which is going to be used for a small home web server. First thing I want to know that do I need to keep my computer always on. If I shut down it then will Apache stop working. What is the minimum system requirement for this. Second thing I had downloaded a simple blog application that will be run by the local computer. I need some simple suggestion to make Apache rendering the PHP pages.

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    Re: What is the requirement to run Apache

    Yes it is necessary to keep the computer turned on on which the Apache runs. If you shut down it then it will not function. You will need a always on connection which can be via router or modem. This devices must always connected to computer and never turned them off if you want to keep your site live. Otherwise your users will not be able to access you website. Because this are the devices which helps out the user to access your site.

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    Re: What is the requirement to run Apache

    You will need a 24/7 system to make your Apache working. Closing down will not allow the user to access your site. Here you need a good internet speed. Because as more users frequently access your site then a good speed with render then easier access. First you need to buy a domain from a official hosting company. Then you need to run a DNS server. If you have a ADSL link then you IP is fixed. It is also true that every system can be hacked but if you are working on Linux platform then there are less chances.

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    Re: What is the requirement to run Apache

    The minimum need to run Apache is first operating system. You can use either Microsoft Windows XP SP1 or later, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 9X and Windows NT. Then comes Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 1.2.0 or highter version. You will need a minimum of 550Mhz of processor with 512Mb of RAM and a free space of 20GB on the hard drive. You can download MMC from Microsoft Download Center and configure your Apache.

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