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Thread: MySQL Error 1054

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    MySQL Error 1054

    I have a small site developed in vBulletin and MySQL. I am having problem with this site. I am getting the error message as "MySQL error: 1054 - Unknown column 'languagesId' in 'field list'". I recently upgraded my database to MySQL 5.0. How can I get rid of MySQL error 1054?

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    Re: MySQL Error 1054

    This is a small bug in MySQL 5. It occurs if you are using LEFT JOIN in your query. If you want to get rid of this error message then temporarily don't use LEFT JOIN in your query. I hope developer of MYSQL will sooner come up with some patches or something that will fix this problem.

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    Re: MySQL Error 1054

    Check your config.php file and make sure it is similar to as given below:

    'dbconfig' =>
    array (
    'db_host_name' => 'localhost',
    'db_host_instance' => '',
    'db_user_name' => 'opaper',
    'db_password' => 'opaper',
    'db_name' => 'opaper',
    'db_type' => 'mysql', ),
    Here replace "opaper" with your user name, password and database name respectively.

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    Re: MySQL Error 1054

    Simply change your query to one below (for example):

    SELECT id, field1, field2, field3
    FROM ( table1, table2 )
    LEFT OUTER JOIN condition1
    ON condition2
    WHERE condition3;
    So the most important changes that you should implement is use parenthesis in your FROM clause.

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